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  1. its only used in this section below to create a loop but only runs once when there is data in a completely different table and works fine when not. I am completely stumped on this one. $sql = "SELECT * FROM `tracker` ORDER BY movement DESC"; $qry= mysql_query($sql); while ($row= mysql_fetch_array($qry))
  2. I moved the echo of the variable $qry to a different place later in the loop and it displays this SELECT * FROM transactions WHERE code='artna' artna is the code of the row which is displayed first after it has been ordered by movement. for some reason it fails to continue through the loop after the first iteration and it only does this when the autobuy script adds data into the transactions table which at no point alters or adds anything to the table tracker which im trying to display.
  3. <?php set_time_limit(360); include('connection.php'); //include('trackingtable.php'); echo "<br />"; /** * Printing out the data */ echo "<html><head><link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='stockstyle.css'></head><body><table border='1'>"; echo "<tr><td class='one'>CODE</td><td class='one'>CURRENT PRICE</td><td class='spacer'></td><td class='track'>UPS</td><td class='track'>DOWNS</td><td class='track'>EVENS</td><td class='track'>MOVEMENT</td><td cl
  4. it echos out Resource id #5 sorry about that, i forgot about the code block.
  5. I seem to have encountered another issue with this script which has me baffled. Im going to paste the full script along with the script it calls on which works fine however after calling on the script (autobuy.php) it then gives me an error on the original page after having only displayed 1 row. what I dont understand is that autobuy.php doesnt make any changes to the table in the database which im trying to list. its probably something very simple but i cant get my head around it. page2.php (this page is set to auto refresh and display a list of 100 stocks in order of movement, this works
  6. hi i have been working with a piece of code i found on a website and edited it to suit a project im working on, it works 95% of the time but on occasion it gives me an error (failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.0 999 Unknown HTTP Status in) which I googled and based on the results im seeing that I should be using cURL instead however i dont seem to understand how to update the code im currently working with so i thought ill paste what I have here and see if anyone can help me out. below i have pasted 2 scripts, the first one yahoostock.php which call on the script im having
  7. that works perfectly, i over complicated the way I thought about it with my attempts. thank you so much.
  8. $count2 and $result im attempting to use to trigger the loop to end but im almost certain that im using the wrong kind of loop to display this information. i wish my external hd wasnt a 10 hour drive away, I did this a few years ago on a previous project but forget what i did to make it work lol I managed to make the loop stop when it is supposed to by making this change pasted below but I am a little unsure how to select the correct row from the database in the loop. Also im lacking a where clause because im not what what to put after WHERE.. // select all data from tracker table and
  9. Hi I cant seem to get my data to display correctly, at the moment it is ordered correctly but repeats the same data continuously instead of the entire table. I used to know how to do this but have not been actively coding for a couple of years now. Can someone please point me in the right direction? thanks. // select all data from tracker table and order from by highest movement to lowest movement $sql = "SELECT * FROM `tracker` ORDER BY movement ASC"; $qry= mysql_query($sql); $result= mysql_num_rows($qry); $count2= 1; while ($count2 <= $result ) { while ($row= mysql_fetch_array($qr
  10. Thank you I will try it out, if I have any issues ill report back to this thread.
  11. I tried playing around with the curls first but i dont really understand it just yet and am limited on time at the moment so i chose to use this. ini_set('default_socket_timeout', 900); // 900 Seconds = 15 Minutes I dont know if I put it in the right place as Im still getting the same error. <?php /** * Class to fetch stock data from Yahoo! Finance * */ class YahooStock { /** * Array of stock code */ private $stocks = array(); /** * Parameters string to be fetched */ private $format; /** * Populate stock array with stock code * * @param string
  12. the code is pasted below, I created something based around some code I found form a google search which gives me stock prices from yahoo finance. its only ever shows me this error 50% of the time while the market is closed. its no big deal if I can extend the time I just need to know how to change that time. <?php /** * Class to fetch stock data from Yahoo! Finance * */ class YahooStock { /** * Array of stock code */ private $stocks = array(); /** * Parameters string to be fetched */ private $format; /** * Populate stock array with stock code * * @p
  13. ok so I have no idea what to do, where do I go?
  14. thank you, ill have a look at that file. if I have any issues changing it ill let you know.
  15. Hi on occasion I get the error pasted below and am wondering if there is a way for it to either not be displayed or for it to not give up after 30 seconds? thanks Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in
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