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  1. mnkn

    css background image

    I'm pretty sure that one of the browsers doesn't allow you to use quotation marks. (I assume that bug is fixed in all the latest ones, though)So try...background-image: url(p10.jpg);instead of background-image: url('p10.jpg');Also, Opera sometimes doesn't display an image if it is too big.
  2. Maybe try onblur, as that will be called after someone has left the form field. If you want it to update as someone is typing, then onmousedown might be better.Onchange should work, though. If the above doesn't work, you might be best posting the script you are trying here so we can see if it's anything else.
  3. Rounded-border is the style which will create a rounded box for you.However, it's a new CSS3 style and so will not work on every browser - see http://www.css3.info/preview/rounded-border/ for info about it.
  4. One thing I noticed - you've created the links in the site entirely in css, and there is no text content within them.ie <a href="categories.php"></a> instead of <a href="categories.php">categories</a> This makes the navigation pretty un-readable for search engines and screen readers.If you want to replace the text with an image via css, then use the text-indent style to push the text content off the page, rather than just having no text content.Also, you are lacking description meta tags in the page. Good stuff, otherwise.
  5. You could use javascript to sniff it's size, or I think the 50% trick should work were you to wrap it in a div which is floating left. <div style="float:left"><img src="nameofimage.jpg" style="width:50%"></div>
  6. If you want to add an existing news feed from a different site - then I'd suggest using Google's API: http://code.google.com/apis/ajaxfeeds/It works with javascript to place feeds from a different site into a div on your site.The instructions on the Google site are pretty good.
  7. I noticed this typo:<h1>THIS ISE REQUIRES JAVASCRIPT</h1>I'd probably also suggest having a text navigation - both so search engines can find your inner pages, and also so that people can see what's on the site without having to mouse over the pictures.
  8. To be honest, it's useful to work for a company for a while before freelancing, as you can learn things like project management and be aware of the unforeseen stumbling blocks, plus get some on-the-job training without the fear that you are taking on more than you are capable of. The freelancing life is certainly something to aim for (no alarm clocks, no boss!) - but I think it's foolish to do so until you consider yourself a professional at what you are selling (and, from your questions, I assume you are still learning.)Lots of knowledge is more important than lots of software. That said...
  9. With regards to point two, you should be using float:left and float:right to position your main content and your sidebar side by side.At the moment, you appear to have put a margin on the sidebar to push it over to the right. A margin pushes away any elements near it by that distance, so this is not the right way to position it. If web development isn't your job, then I'd probably build the site using tables in a wysiwyg editor - it's bad coding practise but generally easier for people to get their heads around tables than css.
  10. Is your site a fixed width, or built as a percentage of the screen size?I've never had a problem with fixed width sites, but I'm guessing on percentage based ones, it could throw the design somewhat.
  11. If you've made contacts doing the free work, let them know that you're trying to make a go of it for a living - recommendations are the best way of finding work.One thing to avoid are the bid-for-work sites - people make such low offers that the work is not worth doing.I guess, also, make sure you have your own website to advertise yourself and (if possible) get a link to it from the site's you've worked on so far.
  12. I think border-collapse:collapse;might be the style you are looking for.
  13. mnkn

    100% Width Tables

    Your widths should be set as either width=128orstyle="width:128px"I don't believe "width=128px" is a valid format.And the width of the table should be set on the <table> tag, ie <table style="width:100%">
  14. A list element should be defined in a similar way to this... <ul class="topbar2"><li class="topbar5"><a href="index.php"><img src="images/home.png" /></a></li><li class="topbar4"><a href="index.php"><img src="images/home.png" /></a></li></ul> with each element inside a <li> tag.Then, instead of positioning the elements with a relative position and top & left styles, you can use css similar to the following. ul li {/* STYLES SHARED BETWEEN EACH LIST ELEMENT CAN GO HERE *//* USE A FLOAT LEFT TO MAKE THE ELEMENT
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