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  1. Are you looking for simple mouse over effects or drop down menu's and animation?
  2. I know you don't HAVE to. I was just listing some of the different things and what category they would fall under. You don't HAVE to know all to consider yourself in that category. I consider myself a web designer but I do not know everything I listed under the category. Just xHTML/CSS.
  3. Reason I list it is because I know several designers who use it to generate 3d images and then use them in their design. Same with C4D.http://tit0.deviantart.com/art/Finestate-91630179He has done better work, but he is simply amazing with 3D type images.
  4. Just wanted to add this to sort of cover how different skills relate to each other.
  5. Could be an issue with the icon itself. I use Photoshop with a plugin that lets you save as .ico format.You can even use images that aren't .ico specific for it as well. The code below is copy/pasted from a website I designed.<link rel="shortcut icon" href="images/favicon.png" />
  6. Thank-you. I just don't understand how someone could consider the actual coding of the physical aspects of a website has having nothing to do with design. I don't think they understood that I wasn't saying they were wrong by calling HTML/CSS front-end development, but merely they were wrong by saying it isn't part of web-design.A lot of different careers or titles, whatever you want to call them, have a good amount of overlapping abilities.
  7. I may be going insane? Not sure.Trolls on another "design" forum told me that HTML/CSS has nothing to do with web-design. It is pure web-development and development ONLY. Which is odd. As any job site I had ever been too in the past 10 years I've been in the field listed responsibilities of a web-designer as "graphic arts, html, css".I would qualify the following jobs with these duties.Graphic Artist - Image creation, image design, concept design.Web-Designer - Website design and static content. Includes the duties of Graphic Artists as well as HTML/CSS coding.Web-Developer - Website developme
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