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  1. Hello AllI just have made my website html clean,but i see i have a lot of html errors in my modules.Here are the errors in my .tpl file <div id="slide_holder"><img class="loading" src="/want-shop/modules/carouselnc/images/ajax_loader.gif" alt=""></div> The problem is the Div at the end.. <script src="/want-shop/modules/carouselnc/js/carousel_behavior.pack.js"></script> Here the problem is with the '' after pack.js.Hope some one can help me out on this
  2. My website is www.want-shop.comJust tryed to validate my website and i see i have more to do then just this.But fixing the internet explorer error asap is my main goal.
  3. Hello allNot sure where to post this,so i will give it a shoot here.I have a website and i have errors on internet explorer,firefox has no errors and is working just fine.The problem is customers cant order from IE,its like the order button is broken.Im using ajax cart so i think the problem is in the module im using.Reinstalled it but still no luck,i unistalled the module the cart error whent away,but after install they came back.Here is the error report,i have changed my website to mywebsite.com since i dont know if its allowed to post site links here.Is there any easy way to find and correct the errors,maybe with a debug tool?Hope any1 can help me..........Webpage error detailsUser Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; .NET4.0C)Timestamp: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 08:45:28 UTCMessage: Unterminated string constantLine: 18Char: 35Code: 0URI: http://mywebsite.com/Message: 'baseDir' is undefinedLine: 94Char: 3Code: 0URI: http://mywebsite.com/modules/blockcart/ajax-cart.js
  4. I like it alot,the background is very nice.Only thing i can say,is change the green header/footer but thats allready been said.Maybe make them dark with some weak (transparant) layers of textures.
  5. Thank you dsonesuk.I will try it out ,it sounds easy!Only thing nothing is easy with prestashop
  6. Thank you for taking the time to explain this to me!Your post is clearing up on loads of things i thought about,like the remembering of all the PHP.I really thought that you guys remembered all this,well i guess there is hope for me after all :)Saving javascript for last allows sounds like a fantastic idea,i started reading the javascript tuts and got lost really fast.Here is the order i thought was the way to do it :HTML/CSS,javascript,PHP/SQLSo the actual way of doing it is HTML/CSS,PHP/SQL and last javascript?So with doing the above exams at W3Schools,i should be going in the right direction?I'm not sure on what direction to go yet, both design / develop are fun things to do.Thought about raising my skills in both and when I'm at a higher level choose 1 thing and focus more on just that.My idea was to start making some site from scratch and after making some sites i will see better what I'm good at.And ofc use my websites as a portfolio for later use.Shall i stick to the adobe web premium suite,and do you think its worth it?Dreamweaver is sure helping me a lot on remembering the codes and things like that.
  7. Im still confused,can you please point me in the direction of a tutorial?I have searched on google and the thing i found was that screen shoot guide at lyndas.Maybe im not using the right words what shall i search for to find what im looking for?I have a PHP/SQL test server
  8. I do hope its this easy.My problem is my site is just 1 big module,if i should download my theme i would get 1 black screen with a header.This is because the modules make my front page,and they need to be enabled to see the actual page.So i don't know where the new graphic Will be on the page before i upload it and enable the modules.A example is: want a guy hanging outside of 1 of my blocks and hes going to touch the block.So i saw this tutorial about screen shoot page and measure the page in photoshop with the pixel measure to know where to place the graphic on my black page and then upload the black page as background with the added content on the right places.Please do correct my if this sounds stupid
  9. Thanks for the replys................Maybe i should change the word cheating to the "easy way".I have followed the easy way my whole life,and i have learned that its not always the best choice.So now I'm a jack of all trades,master of none.I thought i would just start fresh and focus on 1 ting at the time,it did not take long before i started to look for a short cut again.Read HTML,CSS,Javascrip,php,sql tutorials and after a while my head almost exploded from all the info,it was just too much to remember(and my short term memory sucks).This time i found the adobe premium web cs5,watched movies about the different products and thought by myself this is the solution.Since I'm jack of all trades,this should be perfect for me or not?I want to educate myself enough to start working with design/develop,so this is the main reason for asking.First i thought develop was the path to choose but all the codes was a nightmare for my memory :)Then i looked more in to design since I'm a creative person this had to be the way,but after a while i looked at the job market and thats when the problem started.Almost every job i found they did not ask for a designer or a developer,they asked for all arounders.Here is a example: need to know PHP,AJAX,MYSQL,(x)HTML,CSS,XML,Javascrips,Jquery,,Photoshop,illustrator.I know the basic of some and some i know beyond the basic but I'm for sure far from master of any,and i think i will be dead before i become master of all that(or even master of some).But i do know how to use them....So now I'm back to the start since most of the jobs expect you to be a jack of all trades.So i thought the only way om going to do this is to go basic on the things above and use the right tools to help me on the rest.And later go advanced on some things.What would you do?I dint expect this to be done over night but i just need a simple step by step planAny help welcome and if you have a better plan than me please share and say why?
  10. Hello AllI want to add some design on my background image of my website.How do i do this when my site is allready up and running?I have a 3 collum website now and i want to add things to the outside of my collums.Do i take a screenshot from my website and measure the site and add the things on the background?Here is a link to a site using what i want http://www.grafpedia.com/Like the stars on the sides of the website,thats what i want to do.
  11. Yes thats what i mean,the advertising on adobe says you can create a complete website without ever writing a code.I have trued out the new Cs series and i was blown away,i relay call it cheating The live code and inspector in dream weaver is saving me loads of work already.I was thinking about the other products for other parts like the vectors from fireworks and 3d text from illustrator.I have read alto of posts of people just using photoshop to do everything,but allows people using other products to finish off the work.So you think i should be just fine with photoshop only for now?Or should i do the basic on the other softwares in the pack?I thought since it is the premium web suite i had to learn every program to make the site i want.
  12. Hello AllI have some questions to web designers using adobe products.I know i can cheat a lot with the adobe products,but is it really as good as they say?And i am confused about all the different products,what to use when?What order to use them to create a website from scratch.There are to many programs to focus on i cant Learn them all,so what do you recommend me to study first?I'm beyond the basic on photoshop and dreamweaver,but still loads to learn!!And i got these other adobe products laying around like illustrator cs5,fireworks cs5 and flash cs5.Is it the meaning i learn the basic and beyond on all these softwares or just pic some like photoshop,illustrator and dreamweaver and focus on them.If i learn the basic on all of them first i think i will forget abut along the road since its too Mitch info to remember.What (adobe)tools do you use and recommend?Reason that I'm asking for adobe is i can work with them now,and i dint want to learn even more programs to work with so it gets even more complicated.
  13. I was thinking about the same thing really,upload a picture in the product block and rename it to something easy to spot.I have learned alot in the last 2 days about prestashop and i finaly found the missing pices.Tody i asked the question about why they did not update the wiki on the forum about development.Allsow said they should open up for developers,and not shut them out.The ps is a pice of art and it should be on top of the e-cart list,but if theydont change then they will dig there own grave!.A developer will only help ps grow stronger,but no reply so far so i guess they dont care.So no need to try to turn to the ps team for any help.I would have left ps a long time ago,but i see a lot of potentials in this software and i want to master it someday
  14. You are right on the module hooks,so far i have found,left colum,right colum,and homeWith the hooks you place you content on the places above.I have found a way to place my things in these places :)When i place the content on on of the places above,it comes on a random place at the section placed.You can get it at the position you want with going in to the back-office and position your module.This is only working for the front page,so i indeed need to find the file with the registerhook to the product section of the page.What i think is maybe possible is,modify a module that makes a module in every block on the front page.I have this module,and in the block created you can add your own content like SWF.HTML,LINKS,and pictures..To add your things you just have to go to the back-office and upload you content to the module you want to use.So my question is: If i get the name of the registerhook of the product page and the colum name,cant i then just redirect this module to place the modules in the product page(picture colum)??This module allready does what i want,it just places the content in the wrong sections.Finaly getting somewhere i found the hook list :)Here are the Hook Table's:ps_hook1. payment2. newOrder3. paymentConfirm4. paymentReturn5. updateQuantity (Quantity is updated only when the customer effectively places his order.)6. rightColumn (Add blocks to rightColumn)7. leftColumn (Add blocks to leftColumn)8. home (Add blocks to Homepage content mainpage)9. header (Add blocks to header)10. cart (Cart creation and update)11. authentication12. addproduct13. updateproduct14. top (A hook which allow you to add modules to the top of each pages.)15. extraRight (Extra actions on the product page (right column)16. deleteproduct 17. productfooter (Add new blocks under the product description on the page)18. invoice (Add blocks to invoice (order))19. updateOrderStatus (Order's status update event - Launch modules when the order's status of an order changes.)20. adminOrder (Launch modules when the tab AdminOrder is displayed in the back Office.)21. footer (Add blocks to footer)22. PDFInvoice (Allows the display of extra information on the PDF invoice)23. adminCustomers (Launch modules when the tab AdminCustomers is displayed on back-office.)24. orderConfirmation (Called on order confirmation page)25. createAccount (Called when a new customer creates an account successfully)26. customerAccount (Will display in the Customer account page in the front office)27. orderSlip (Called when a quantity of one product is changed in an order or order slip created)28. productTab 29. productTabContent 30. shoppingCart (Display some specific information on the bottom of the shopping cart page)If im not wrong i need to direct the module to productTabContent?
  15. Thanks alot for taking the time to explain this to me.This is the best information i have been given in the 6 weeks searching for a answer!I now know this is not possible to do for me at this stage.I guess ill try to make a temp solution in photoshop.Have to go back to w3shools and read up on the last part on javascript then 24/7 on the PHP,SQL (another month with coffee and red bull).
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