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  1. It is not just a bit of simple CSS for a Google Map as the map is being delivered by Google. Some of this information might help... google docs an map styling https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/styling cool free styles, might also help you understand how it works https://snazzymaps.com/ google interactive map styler, not tried this but looks interesting https://mapstyle.withgoogle.com/
  2. IF your css file is in the root then that is correctyou need a semi-colon on the end of thatAlso you may have issues if the png is 8 bit, but you should still get something.what are you adding the background to?maybe post a bit more code? background-image:url('images/bullets.png');
  3. Do your div's have content?http://basdebie.com/problem-solvers/ie-8-p...always-problem/
  4. Ok I dont know why it does not work but shouldn't that be <STYLE> @media print { DIV {page-break-after:auto} P {page-break-after:always} } </STYLE>
  5. Hi Samuel,<quote>It points to any element with #sub ID, that is a child of any element with #main ID and not just any div element with #sub ID!"</quote>true my bad I meant in the context of his code it would be the same div. I was just wanting to point out he needs a comma when referring to multiple elements.They could turn off image, and your method would work, but again you would have the matching column height problem unless you use min-height.Personally a really high min-height without content would piss me off as a user.the background image is a fairly common and often recomme
  6. This slideshow has a great explanation of inheritance, what inherits, what does not and whyhttp://www.maxdesign.com.au/articles/css-inheritance/relevant to font sizing and good to understand, line heighthttp://www.maxdesign.com.au/articles/css-line-height/Below is some more stuff from the same people which may not be as directly related but a good source to bookmark, it is usually very thorough and clearrelative font sizeshttp://www.maxdesign.com.au/articles/relative/more good stuff to choose fromhttp://www.maxdesign.com.au/articles/some more general stuff by the same people at a different sit
  7. Thanks for the replies,I have 2 demos up... 1. uses the method of moving the big image around and displaying it in the ul'sThat has the mentioned problem. The menu is Wordpress. So my client can come along and add a menu item. Also I would have to somehow get Wordpress to #id the menu items!This does look the best. http://gasolicious.com/menu_question/menu_test.htmlMaybe if they were fixed width AND I could get Wordpress to use an id I could make CSS that would take care of any reasonable number of menus? Of course I would have to worry about Wordpress changing the ids when an item was added!D
  8. Hi,thanks for taking the time to reply.I probably did not explain myself properly.I want to use one large image which is normally hidden but when a menu opens it is revealed in that area.I put up a page, with a couple of graphics to help explain what I mean.http://gasolicious.com/menu_question.html
  9. Hi,right now I have background image in my menu bar, then it is repeated in the li's of the drop down menus.Its not great.To make sense of the following explanation take a look http://gasolicious.com/craft_test_elegance/ check out the Felt menuI was wondering can I have a large taller gradient graphic that is hidden and only revealed when the menu opens.That way the color in any sub menu would flow from the main area smoothly.Right now of course the sub menu color is offset horizontally and repeats vertically because it is a graphic in that sub item.Thanks
  10. Hi,this code below is generated by the CMS. I can go into the PHP and change the structure if I have to, but that is a change that needs to be maintained when updating.Is there a way that I can hide the cell indicated, or even the whole column using css?ThanksMark <tbody><tr class="firstrow"> <td class="firstcol"></td> <td>Product:</td> <td>Quantity:</td> <td>Shipping:</td> /* THIS IS THE CELL OR COLUMN I NEED TO HIDE */ <td></td> <td class="price" style="text-align:right;padding-right:10px;">Price:</t
  11. Hi,can you style elements like the month and year dropdowns on this pageI would like to change the blue behind the arrows to a brown colorthanksmark
  12. Hi,After reading a bunch of discussion on the web I am using background-image for lists instead of list-style-image.With CSS is there a way to apply the style only if the li is a h3 heading.I want the user (in wordpress) to be able to just apply a h3 heading to the list items and automatically get a image bullet. (in fact for h3 or larger lists)I do not want them to have to apply styles.For smaller font sizes the bullet is too big so the default would still apply.can I do that with CSS somehow?This is my code so far #content ul {margin-left: 0;padding-left: 0;list-style: none;}#content ul li
  13. sorted it is #tdNameI was thinking it was not working, my div was actually ctl00_rightTDI thought it was ct100, it is ctL00!small print, should have tried my glasses ;-)
  14. Hi,I am trying to target a td in a page that is created by a cms.I can not just remove it as I don't have acces to those files.I would like to hide or collapse it.How do I write a rule for a td that has a name? eg a named div rule starts #myDivName{ ;}I want to collapse td leftTD.The html is <body><table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%" id="mainTable"> <tbody><tr valign="top"> <td id="leftTD"> <div id="leftColumnDiv"> Another related question when setting visibilty:hidden or display:none on a div, should it
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