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  1. I'm trying to make a footer DIV that will hold a bunch of info at the bottom of my page, so I didn't have to use another table. I have an image as the background and I started to put in content (a search box). When I add padding to the top the search box moves down, as expected. However, when I try to add padding to the left side, a bunch of the page above ends up sliding right. The DIV id is #footer and the page as it is has some top padding, but no left padding. Do I need to clear something somehow to keep the left padding from affecting the rest of the page? Thanks!The page
  2. I switched it to HTML 4.01 transitional and that took care of the spaces! I had to do a lot of editing to change the closed tags, but I got rid of most of the errors on validation. My Google custom search is still giving a couple of errors, but it seems to work and it's their code, so I think I'll leave it. Thanks.
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    I tried to switch this page over to strictly using CSS, but couldn't make it work, so I decided to use tables for overall layout and incorporate CSS in where I could. I'm having a lot of trouble with extra space appearing here and there though, as can be seen just under my "header bar". If I remove the CSS formatting from the "addybox" everything lines up right, so I assume something in my CSS for the "addybox" is screwing things up. However I have a break before the footer too. Can anyone see what I'm missing? Thanks.The page
  4. I am putting a new site together and after I started it, I got into learning css/xhtml. However, I am having a horrible time figuring out how to control the page layout without my beloved tables. Here is where I was at so far USING tables for page layout: New siteSo, in order to switch to css I set up this page to work on the positioning and page layout. I basically set up a 3 column layout with header and footer - which I think should work in the end. My problem is the spaces that are being added here and there. I can't splice images together and lock the layout in with extra spaces added after the images. I've tried several things using classes and id's to clear, but no luck. How do I get a <div> to wrap tight around an image? Thanks for any help!
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