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  1. Hi,I found out that I can make a script that does something and save it as a comand.The next step would be to make it an MXPBut i must make a msi or something like that first.I read all in help but i do not get it.Can you point me to a place that explains how to take my swf and make it MXP?Thanks in advance.
  2. ana ana

    super flash redo

    thanks guys. now i can sleep for a while
  3. ana ana

    super flash redo

    Hi,I rebuilt my page. It looks cooler now.Is it for from a good page? From a design point of view. Would you like it if you were a client in need of desing services? ( which will not realy be provided by me)Still no CSS or HTML http://www.libroed.ro
  4. I am no expert but until one comes here to clear the situation let me help you.First off all u must give us a fla to work with.Then in short :1. you must have animation beyond the stage so that is why you can't see it all.2. what you see with control enter ( when you test it in flash) is different than what will be on the html file (which is what your browser loads first)To give u an exact answer give us the fla
  5. Yeah. It is great using flash but has a lot of inconvenients too.I will find someone to make it html.(tha language is romanian but is says nothing important)
  6. Hi,I have built a site that was intended to be simple, clean and fast.you can see it HEREThere is one big problem: at "servicii" page, on the lower part of the page there is an orange link that goes to "contact". The link is lower on the page and when it goes to "contact it doesn't go at the top of the page but at the same low position.The problem is that there the page is empty. How can I make it go at the top?PS: don't tell me I could have used CSS & HTML Thanks
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