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  1. hey all i would like to add a digital clock that also display the date, to my site.I did find the action scrip for the digital clock's time but would like to add the date as follows as wel 27 Mar 2010 could someone please help me with this im brand new to this. the code i have for the time is as follows time=new Date(); // time objectvar seconds = time.getSeconds()var minutes = time.getMinutes()var hours = time.getHours()if (hours<12) {ampm = "AM";} else{ampm = "PM";}while(hours >12){hours = hours - 12;}if(hours<10){hours = "0" + hours;}if(minutes<10){minutes = "0" + minutes;}if(
  2. thank you is this code in css or html and where do i insert it
  3. Please please can someone help me what code is need to have my website automatically resize to a viewers screen size
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