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  1. right now, i don't have much user input on my site. but soon, i want to add a search function. basically, i'm worried about the security of my site against xss and sql injection.is there a simple php framework i can implement that will reduce the effectiveness of these attacks? i'd rather not have a giant framework, i'm just looking for something small but effective.
  2. bingo. that did the trick!thanks again lol
  3. i have verified it. it outputs string(19) "2011-07-23 00:00:00"
  4. my $row['Date'] variable should be the date attribute from my database, which is a datetime data type. i'd like it to just display the date in this format: Sun, Jul 24 2011. not sure why the error i get says it's looking for datetime when it should already be in that data type.
  5. i'm using an array to display different variables from mysql entries. i'm trying to display the date, but it keeps giving me an error:Warning: date_format() expects parameter 1 to be DateTime, string given in (blah) on line (blah)what's the best way for me to display the time using arrays? my relevant code is below. <?php require("scripts/config.php"); mysql_connect($db_host, $db_user, $db_password) or die(mysql_error()); mysql_select_db($db_database) or die(mysql_error()); if(isset($_GET['pagenum'])) { $pagenum = $_GET['pagenum']; } else { $pagenum = 1; } $result = mysql_query('SELECT
  6. prettycoollinks.comi'm still working on it, but it uses html, css, javascript, php, and mysql. i'm in the process of developing a simple content management system for it, so it's going to get more functionality and content soon.what does everyone think?
  7. brilliant. the generic user that i created didn't have enough permissions. thanks for the help!
  8. i tested my script for my website on my local machine (setup with xampp), and it works fine.so i uploaded it to my website today, and it gives two errors. long story short, i made a test page that removed all the html from the php script. <?php ob_start(); ?><?php $db_host = 'localhost'; $db_user = ''; $db_password = ''; $db_database = ''; mysql_connect($db_host, $db_user, $db_password); mysql_select_db($db_database); $result = mysql_query('SELECT * FROM linkstab ORDER BY ID Desc'); ?> <?php print_r(mysql_fetch_array($result)); /*while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result
  9. dubesinhower

    .html vs .php

    i'm creating a small web app using html and php. what are the advantages of having .html files versus .php files? does one have better seo? what's the best (or most popular) way to include simple php with html?
  10. ugh. should i work on creating the description divs first? i'm just kinda stuck on how to build this. i need to create more divs and make them invisible until you mouseover, right?edit: i'm stuck. i'm creating a div to hide over the image links, but the width is too long D= Pretty Cool Linksedit edit: fixed the above issue with the width, but still not sure where to go from here.
  11. okay, working on the background now. i've tried to use jquery in the past, but i had trouble weeding through all the plugins. guess it's time to try again!
  12. not really, but i have a lot of free time lol. ive messed around with some lamp pre-packaged stuff though.
  13. i'm making a personal site so i can share websites that i think are cool to the web. i need to make some sort of simple content management system, so each time i add a new link, i don't have to restyle the whole site. also, it would be a way to archive old links.i want to be able to display 5 links at a time, starting with the newest one. when i add a new one, the old ones move down a spot, with all the old links (after the 5th one on the page) going to the next page.to aid in visualizing what i mean, take a look at the page currently. there is no javascript yet, just basic html and css for 5
  14. i want to add some hover animations to my site. i have some images set as backgrounds to divs that are links to web pages. i would like to be able to hover over a link, and a description of the link slides out (preferably within the div). then, when you stop hovering, it slides away.it doesn't necessarily even have to animate. if i can have descriptions pop up when i hover, i'll be happy lol.to get a better idea, here's where i'm at so far.pretty cool linksthanks in advanced for any tips!edit: this is where i got my original inspiration: unaghii
  15. im working on a new site that removes the resume and provides less personal info.
  16. thanks for the replies guys. at this time, i'm not really in a position where i need a resume yet. i plan to wait until after i graduate before i start applying for jobs. the one on the site is just a general one, a "practice resume" if you will.also, i plan to take a class in python. one of my favorite teachers at MCC recommends it for network scripting. and when i said enterprise solutions, i really meant "programs that big corporations might use to do things" lol.since i posted this topic, i've changed the color scheme again. does everyone like it? does it need some tweaking? these are the
  17. also, make sure you understand how floats truly work, as well as the css box model. those used to throw me off big time.
  18. ie 9 will support this feature when it arrives. this revision of my site is more of a demo of the new technology.also, i used transparency because i'm experimenting with changing the background color. if the background color changes, then the transparent areas will fit right in with a new color, instead of me having to worry about changing the box colors to match the background.
  19. i make use of RGBA color in my newly rewritten website. i can't figure out how to make jquery change the color slowly on my top navigation buttons when they are hovered. anyone have any ideas? i want to keep the colors that the buttons are now when hovered, just slowly fade between each other instead of instantly change.my sitethanks in advanced for any tips!
  20. please enjoy my site and give any feedback!my rewritten sitei've changed the site since the last time i posted on here. i've added some new features, and changed my html a bit. the written copy is pretty much the same.note: css transparency will not work with internet explorer.edit: i changed my site again lol. ditched the transparency and adopted a color scheme similar to my other site.
  21. i'm not interested in html books. i'm looking for books for helping me to design layouts/ graphics for the web.
  22. well, since no one recommended anything, i did some research. i asked my friend, and he recommended two books.isbn 0321410971 Transcending CSSisbn 1581805012 Design Basics Indexi just purchased the first book, and i'll have it next week to review for anyone who would like to know.also, i have an interest in another book, since i own a related one.isbn 0321303377 Non-Designers Web Designguess i'll be spending some money on amazon
  23. bump.i am currently working on a second design.anyone able to offer some opinions for a new layout?
  24. even that sky sports page is very cluttered. just because it's popular doesn't mean it looks good.also, i agree with the fact that you should have a more "personal" page, that explains the team better. something that will make the visitors interested in what your team is about.
  25. i know the basics of html and css. i want to make my sites look good. i've read through parts of the head first web design book, but i need suggestions as for others.i am not a trained graphic designer, but i did take an intro to computer graphics course at school. i just need a book that can give me some tips to make my site look better.thanks for any input!
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