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  1. Could I include a file on each of my pages to make it easier then putting them on everyone of my web pages... what i am trying to do is add a thing of buttons to the top of each page, and these are the buttons http://droppingthebomb.com/buttons.htmhere is my problem... I just want to be able to use this in each of my pages: <!--#include file="buttons.htm"--> I basically want to use it in a table right above the rest of the page, i am not able to do that though, is there something else i can do to where i wont have to manually add these buttons to each of my pages?
  2. Hehe, never mind, it was just a database error, thanks for all the help, couldnt have done it without you
  3. Thanks again for the help on that last problem, it got me past it and i just ran into another one... this is the code I am using again with signup1.asp <% Option ExplicitFunction SQLSecurity(myStr) 'This eliminates the risk of SQL injection SQLSecurity = Replace(myStr, "'", "''", 1, -1, vbBinaryCompare)End FunctionDim Username, PasswordUsername = cstr(request("username")) 'the cstr function explicitly casts thePassword = cstr(request("Password")) 'variable as a string.'Validating username and password.If Username = "" then response.redirect "signup.asp?msg=Invalid username."elseif
  4. Hey Yahweh, sorry was just a typo, thanks i thought i it might have to do with it... i appreciate it
  5. Hi, i at one time was trying to make an asp signup page... I went through this for a long time, and finally got it working last time, but now i dont remember how i did it...I got this code from yewhaw or something like that on here, and i did get it to work after some time,Here is the signup.asp page: <% Option Explicit %><html><body><h1>Signup</h1><% Dim msgmsg = request("msg")if cstr(msg) <> "" then%><font color="red"><%=Server.HTMLEncode(msg)%></font> <%end if%><br> <form action="signup1.asp" method="post"> &l
  6. Great it does work, it just doesnt look like it does inside dreamweaver... thanks for all the help
  7. What I am trying to do is make it so you can copy the code from my page and put it on myspace comments... I hate to show this, cuz its a lil vulgar or bad, but the thing i want to be able to use this for is at http://droppingthebomb.com/ecards/######/pony2.htm when i put the code inside the box, it looked like it was just showing it as it would on the web page, but i didnt upload it to try cuz i didnt think it would work... it looked something like this:<textarea><font color='FF0066' size='7'>Don't mind me,<br><a href='http://droppingthebomb.com'><embed img src='http
  8. Hi everyone, I am trying to make a <textarea> with code inside of it on my website, like they have here, and I know I have seen it on other sites. When I do it on my site, it always just runs the code, it will not let me just have the code so I can show what certain codes are... Can anyone help me please?
  9. I remember a long while back, i always saw some one mention a space where you could get a free website from an asp host... can someone tell me where to go for that please
  10. hi, this seems to be the same question i asked and was replied with an answer that worked great by Yahweh i think it was... this is the code and it works perfectly, also can see it under my post on this page last i looked called Password protecting pages... this is actually just copied from there <%Dim strPasswordstrPassword = request("password")if Password = "baby" then%> The rest of your page contents should go here.<%else%> <form action="<%=Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME")%>" method="post"> What's the password:<br> <input type="passw
  11. Hey, I guess what I mean is a Visual Studio type program... I used Dreamweaver on Windows so I could do the graphics and all... Now, besides the text editor I am not sure what to use to do this.
  12. Hi, before when I was writing asp I was using Windows Operating System, I recently swiched back to Linux OS and I am having trouble writing asp using it. I am using the program called Nvu and it seems to only make HTML files. If there is anybody here that uses Linux and knows a good program that will help me, please reply and let me know. Thanks a lot.
  13. Nevermind, I finally got it working.. thanks for all the help
  14. Hey again, I am still having trouble with this code. It is like I get it so close to working then I run into another problem. Atleast now I am using a browser that lets me see where the error is, before it wouldnt tell me. I copied the code just to try to make it work and it is telling me that the ODBC Driver does not support this action. Here is the code. <% Option ExplicitFunction SQLSecurity(myStr) 'This eliminates the risk of SQL injection SQLSecurity = Replace(myStr, "'", "''", 1, -1, vbBinaryCompare)End FunctionDim Username, PasswordUsername = cstr(request("username")) 'the cst
  15. Belzar

    The signup.asp pages

    I would, it is just that I dont get an error strangely enough. ill check out line 27, thanks.
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