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  1. Hi,im trying to get the selected value of a drop down list in a new windows, like this: <select name="select_groups" id="select_groups" onChange="MM_openBrWindow('new_window.asp?<%= Server.HTMLEncode(MM_keepBoth) & MM_joinChar(MM_keepBoth) & "cat=" & Response.Write(request("select_groups")) %>','','width=480,height=160'); "> but it doesnt work what can i do? thanks
  2. Hi, im working in visual basic .net,i have a datagridview like this: I want that when the user selects a whole row, only the values of the cells that have colors will be saved to textboxes, something like Textbox1.Text = cellwithcolor1, and so on with other cells that have color. Like, if we see the image, in row 3, 'AS' will be saved in textbox1, and 'CR' in textbox2. How can i do that? thanks...
  3. Hi,i have a stored procedure in sql, it takes a parameter, and displays some data: 4> CREATE PROCEDURE usp_Employee(@ID nvarchar(50) )7> AS8> SELECT name, lastname FROM employee WHERE ID = @ID> GO i am doing something like this in vb script: Dim id = "1"Set Conn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") Conn.Open "xxx" Set objCommandSec = CreateObject("ADODB.Command") objCommandSec.ActiveConnection = Conn objCommandSec.CommandType = 4 objCommandSec.CommandText = "usp_Employee" .Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("@ID", 200, 1, 100, id) .ExecuteDim namename = objCommandSec . items(
  4. derok

    Query without a button

    i was thinking in the javascript event onmouseout:http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/event_onmouseout.aspso when the user goes out of the texfield, the query gets executed.i searched in google: asp vbscript select database onmouseout, but found nothingthere must be something in google, but i havent found it.could you tell me some search parameters to put in google?thanks
  5. Hi,im programing in asp vbscript.i have a textfield like this one: <input type="text" name="code" id="code"> and i want something similar like the google page has:when the user starts writing in the search textfield, the system starts searching inmediately, without the need of the user pressing a button.this is my scenario:i have two texfields,the user will enter the code in textfield 1,and then will enter a name in texfield 2, in this moment when the user is in textfield 2 writing, the system could query to the database to check if the code already exists and tell the user to enter an
  6. ....................................
  7. Hi, i want to create a submenu using <table>.If we take a look, for example at the IMDB page, we will see the menu where Movies, Tv, News, etc... is.I already have a menu like that declared in my page,but what i want is something like:If i place the cursor in Movies, and then place the cursor in Top Movies, two or more items would display at the right side of Top Movies.Like:Top Movies--Avatar---------------Top Gun---------------Titanichow can i do this?thanks...
  8. i dit search in google, but i found nothing.not even one website with scriptaculous effects.
  9. Hi,i was looking for scriptaculous websites templates. In other words, websites with scriptaculous effects.i want to learn how to use scriptaculous, and wanted to see how it works,anyone knows where i can find some?thanks for any response...
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