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  1. Ok, but this is a question for the asp.net forum no?
  2. Hi,I don't get what you want... If you want dependant dropdown boxes, you need to refresh your page using the javascript submit function... Just explain a little more. Thanks.
  3. Hi there!Did you started to write your page yet? Could paste some of your code so we can start with something!
  4. Jerome

    asp newbie

    hi!Try this : Dim timeNowtimeNow = nowResponse.Write(DateAdd("d",1,timeNow)) I'm adding 1 day to the actual time. You can switch with h (hours), m (months), n (minutes), s (seconds) and yyyy (years)!
  5. ok, post your code and the error message!
  6. Jerome


    There you go : http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=269
  7. Yes it's possible,To display your datas from your access database, I assume you will use a loop condition. During the loop you will just have to check for every value if it's greater or smaller than 100. According to the result, you put the data in red or in green... Let's say you have a RecordSet object called Rs : Do While Not Rs.EOF If Rs("yourData") > 100 Then Response.Write("<font color=""red"">" & Rs("yourData") & "</font><br>")Else Response.Write("<font color=""green"">" & Rs("yourData") & "</font><br>")End IfRs.MoveNextLoop
  8. What kind of data are you working with? What do you want to mesure with 100%? The length of your cell? of your table?
  9. Jerome

    Deploy SQL database

    Hi,What exactly are you planning to do working from another computer? Just read, update and delete data from your database? Because if that is the case you don't need the install sql server... Try to explain with more detail your question.
  10. Ok, just call the function where you need to use your random number : <DIV STYLE="position:absolute; LEFT: <%=RandomNumber(5,600)%>px; TOP: <%=RandomNumber(5,600)%>pt">Hello</div>
  11. Yes, you just need to add your condition : If Len(yourData) > 100 Then Response.Write("<font color=""red"">" & yourData & "</font>")Else Response.Write(yourData)End If If your data has more than 100 caracters, then it is displayed in red, else in the (default) black.
  12. I don't get the problem... Did you try the loop I gave you, what error do you get? No, this time we will do it together, otherwise I feel you won't understand what you do.
  13. Hi damini,When a user logs in with a correct login and password then you can assign him a session (default time 20 minutes). Then, on the top of each of your asp pages you should put an include file called for e.g. validate_user.aspIn that file you will verify if the user that is trying to open any page of your site, has an active session, if it's not the case then your redirect him to the default.asp. Got it?Here is the explanation concerning the session object : http://www.w3schools.com/asp/asp_sessions.aspIn your validate_user.asp file you can put something like : <%If Len(Trim(session("userID"))) <= 0 Then Response.Redirect ("../default.asp")End If%>
  14. You're welcome!Was it usefull?
  15. I don't think you can query directly a .csv file... but what you still can do is save the .csv as a .xls file and then query this excel file... like here : http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=612
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