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  1. It doesn't affect the top part really. I just want to know how to organize the content. In two columns. And be able to align them correctly and add more easily.
  2. Hey, I' m working on a page in my site:Site hereI was having trouble having screenshots/links on the left and descriptions on the right...Tables works, but I'd like to be able to align the text exactly with the buttons.I can describe in better later but I'm actually needing to go right now.I also need the page to stretch dynamically vertically, which means having to use relative positioning (or not absolute on the content part, since height:auto ignores absolutely positioned elements.Help please?
  3. That's very vague... I was wondering about how I would center a page that has link buttons (like the ones on that site) on top of some other image.
  4. Oh yeah, Firebug can edit values on the fly.Well what happens when I do need to overlap objects with absolute positioning?Is it not possible with this method?
  5. How did he know what numbers to put for margin / padding to accurately match my layout without absolute positioning?
  6. I haven't looked at the code for a long while but it just seemed like he got extreme precision in matching my absolutely positioned elements -- how does one get those numbers without a 'guess-n-check' method?
  7. Can you explain what the #clear div is used for?It has 'clear: both;' and it contains nothing in it.Also adjusting padding for multiple elements (three horizontally in this case with left, right elements and the divider)so they are positioned the way you want seems like a guess and check process...:/
  8. Hey! That worked! But what exactly did you do...?
  9. Anyone know why this didn't work?Without this working this topic is a waste...It might be something small, but I don't know.
  10. There's a link in this postI need absolute positioning for the things within the container.
  11. ...Bump.Did anyone see this edit? Anyone downloaded the site to maybe see what happened?
  12. I am calm. :)I'm just a little aggressive and casually sarcastic at times.I'll have to figure the Vertical center later (I have a few leads) but at least the horizontal part is done.Edit: I tried to actually implement the margin auto thing.This happened, though...the objects within #content no longer seem to follow the absolute positioning with the coordinates of #content as its origin...Also, The text tries to readjust to fitting in the page when I stretch it instead of staying how it was and just being hid like I want...Any ideas what happened here?Its like the stuff in #content only aligns to the screen itself...not #content's bounds.
  13. I didn't think I had used anything invalid because Komodo Edit tells me if its invalid. I assume you mean the syntax can be valid...but not functionally valid? I'll try that utility later today when I have time. The z-index was used because I had a stretched image as the background called later in the HTML as the very last element in the body tag...it has z-index of -1, but I thought I read somewhere to be sure about it.Have you seen the site yet? I had a link up.Also the same page I gave mentioned vertical centering as well.margin: 0px auto; Does that center both ways, or just horizontally? I'll probably end up not using the short version and specify the left and right margins. I really like the sites top and bottom margins as they are (although its not centered, and Google Chrome doesn't render bottom margins.)Also:
  14. I'm not sure if you are wanting me to just add that, or replace something I currently have. I also looked up margin before and don't see how it would help. The auto setting is evidently determined by the browser. Your advice seems kind of general and I can't relate it to my code easily. Also I'm wanting to avoid CS3 since I guess it doesn't work for everyone.Edit: this page explained it better, but I still don't see how I would make a minimum coordinate (For the top in my case) Can I specify the top margin and leave the bottom as auto?
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