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  1. HAHAHA. We find all sorts of kool stuff on here :)Congrats by the way
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    Hi there,I know, I know... this is probably off topic but it's the general forum right? and my comment has to do with computers/technology right? and design right? and and and hehehe just kidding :)Hope you are all enjoying your summer.I need your help guys.I need your votes. This would help greatly in paying a portion of my student loans.Winners of the Wordans contest receive $1 000.00 + 25 printed tees. Please Vote, forward my design to all of your friends so they can vote too.Thanks for your support To vote:http://www.wordans.com/contest/tshirt_desi...or-tribal-44341You can also visit wordans web site and purchase anything you'd like (lot's of designs to choose from):Click hereYou can also visit my online boutique "Store" at:http://wysiwyg.wordans.com
  3. but why when I send my .ai file to somebody else and they do a file>save for web and devices they don't see this issue, it only seems to happen on my side? And how do you go about introducing noise or dithering in illustrator? Thanks
  4. Hi there,I'm new to this forum, not sure if I'm in the right section to address my issue but here it goes :)I am a multimedia student and having some issues with Adobe Illustrator. You will find enclosed a screen capture of a design I am currently working on addressing the issue. The ai file is fine, although when I click on "file>save for web and devices" gray lines appear in my design. Why is that? How do I get rid of them? http://i968.photobucket.com/albums/ae163/e...teproblem-1.jpgThanks so muchwysiwyg
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