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  1. Schumacher and Rough Divide thanks for your replies.CheersTom
  2. Many thanks for the tips Schumacher, I will certainly try and make those changes. With the Meta data is it worth carrying on adding in keywords aswell as the description? I suppose it wouldn't hurt. You're right I need to be more descriptive in H1 and 2's and titles, interesting you put phrase before sitename in page titles.With your point I'm struggling a little to know how to do this. I thought the index.html page was your homepage. Currently I have the index page in public_html on the server with all other files in folders which link to and from index, so not really sure how to get just www.creativecorbo.co.uk without the /index.html that you've mentioned?I might be completely missing your point here, are you suggesting that it is better to have all pages in one folder ie 'photo' for greenhouse, food, sunsets etc.currently I have the pages for categories in specific folders which I find easier to manage? Adding dashes to file names is an excellent suggestion, which I was completely unaware of and how it might effect searches.I am going to scrap the archive altogether, and maybe have a links page. I'm not looking forward to changing all my pages though and also adding dashes like mentioned, but if that will help the site so be it.Once again thanks for taking the time to help out I really appreciate it and everyone else's input on this thread.CheersTom
  3. Any hints on SEO would be much appreciated Schumacher.CheersTom
  4. Thanks for your comments DizzyDan.That's interesting about the content shifting/resizing...! The only time I get to view my site on IE is at work and that is version 6. Unfortunately we're not allowed to install any other version!! I need to partition my mac at home and install microsoft XP so I can view my site on all versions of IE! Always a bonus to see the site in as many browsers as poss!As for the photo and archive duplication, you are right I was just trying different methods of linking and need to replace the archive with something new, but haven't made my mind up.I like your idea for the photos page and will definately look into it when we are in 2011!And very true...always room for improvement!CheersTom
  5. Hi AbbyWell spotted! I will change it later.CheersTom
  6. Scientist, thanks for your detailed mail, I will definitely look into this further, thanks for taking the time to explain to me.I do like the sound of what ShadowMage is suggesting bypassing the whole database idea though.
  7. Guys many thanks for posting replies.Deirdre's Dad: That is exactly the way that I've been sorting the images out. Loading them into specific directories in a folder on server called images and href them on my html pages which works fine, if a bit of a long winded way, and producing a lot of HTML pages. Would this be an issue though for a small personal site like mine providing the file management is keep in good order?New scientist: no need to be sorry I misunderstood how you suggested PHP and Mysql might be of use. I'm grateful that you suggested what you did, trying to implement it though is where I'm really struggling to be honest.I'm very interested in looking at producing a PHP script (not using a database now) but glob() however as I'm new to PHP I wouldn't know where to begin. Any hints on where I might be able to see this type of script in action so that I could see how it is done in regard to what you've suggested for me, would be seriously appreciated. If by a long shot you fancy producing a script with your knowledge of PHP which I could use as mentioned I would be more than happy to provide some help with any design or illustration in exchange?CheersTom
  8. Ok, after creating my first website http://www.creativecorbo.co.uk I decieded to take on board a comment which the scientist mentioned might be worth looking into. Right, I have been reading about PHP and mysql at W3C which is excellent (though a little confusing at the mo) and other bits online which are all very informative.At present I am creating a new html doc for each photomonth as here:http://www.creativecorbo.co.uk/mainphoto/s...0mainphoto.htmland a new html page for each category you choose to view. This is where the scientist meant it would be worth considering PHP and mysql ?I have read a couple of times on the forum I need to have a clear idea of what I want to achieve, well it would be nice not to have to keep duplicating another html file for each month as inevitably this will create lots of files, but as you’ll guess I haven’t really any idea what I’m doing.Bare with me here as I’m a little confused, So I would need to create some php code that would place images into my html/php ? doc from a mysql database/table? So when a new month came I would create a new table say November images with the image paths of the pics that I want to use? And adjust the php to get these to load. Wow I’m confused you must be too reading this!!!I have created a mysql database and have a table where I can input the image paths (manually) to the pics that I want to use in a folder on my server. I have also managed to connect to the database and get the image path (text) to show in the browser. As no image came up in my php doc I placed html code <img scr= around the php code and the pic appeared. LOL I’m sure this is not correct.If you go to my site and from homepage and go to archive you will see this attempt at getting PHP to get image for the greenhouse section.Please can some one let me know if I’m going about this in completely the wrong way? And if so maybe point me in the right direction.Cheers Confused Tom!
  9. Amj thanks for the code. If I input my details and replace this code where I currently have my email image would that work?
  10. Hey Sansana thanks for your comment, by day I'm a graphic designer, by night (when I get chance) I sketch and mess around creating the pics you see on my website.
  11. Cheers for the link Wirehopper.
  12. ApocalypeX thanks for your comment, that's a great idea to knock the white back! I'll check out some colours.CheersT
  13. Thanks for the link Wirehopper, which I've just had a quick look at. To be honest I wouldn't have a clue where to input the code it generated into my html pages? I also have zero knowledge of JavaScript. One solution I have thought of which might work temporarily (I hope people will let me know if this would resolve issues with nasty crawlers and bots) is to place the address into the page as an image, a jpeg or gif. I know the draw backs are it's not a hyperlink and people would have to manually type in address but at least people would be able to see it?It also highlights my lack of web design knowledge...mmmAnyway... good for the time being?cheersT
  14. Synook: That is definately a good idea, though as I'm not an expert I'll have to do some home work on how to code that. Does a contact form involve having todo any type of coding on the server?Ingolme:I think that sounds like a option until I can get a contact form sorted.Many thanks for your advise.T
  15. Hi there,Enduser kindly highlighted that it might be wise to This important point has sent me into a mad rush to do something about it as I'm not keen on spam.... though corned beef is lush!I was wondering if I made the address not a hyperlink, would the bots and crawlers still add to there list?Any answers would be great.CheersT
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