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  1. I have all ready introduced my self. This question is about the Tutorial lessons examples and try it yourself sections. Where can I get help in why those wont work in my computer using IE. While viewing these examples on your site I checked the source code and shows that you you include DOC Type data and other codes not shown on the left side, which may be why I cannot duplicate some of them. Can you let me know ehre I can post my questions about this?vernon
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    Where are you?

    Miss spelled a word in the last reply, I missed the raised not on the keyboard key J.
  3. Vernon

    Where are you?

    I forgot to include my location, Scottsdale, AZ, Gods country where the heat is a DRY heat, it says so on the Chamber of Commerce information. It will only be 112 degrees jere tpdau/User Vernon, wanted to use Charles but that was taken so I used my middle name Vernon which was my Dads first name.
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    Where are you?

    My name is Charles V. Rennaker, In March of this year I turned 39 for the 41st time. My Quote of the day is: I am old enough to know better and too young to car.I have been building web sites using, first Front Page then Expresion web then Expression Web 2. My built web sites are www.fhsa.org, www.smvcc.net, www.districtone.net and www.cvrennaker.com It has been frustrating not understanding HTML, CSS, etc. so have decided to try to learn at the grass roots level. I have some questions about the HTML basic course but will pass those along in the appropriate placeAm looking forward to the more
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