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  1. Hi, My name is sreno and I love w3schools.com, and I am learning how to code through the languages already on the curriculum site. I just wanted to suggest adding programming languages like C, C#, C++ and Java to the curriculum site. Maybe Ada also. I learned so much more from w3schools.com than any other online tutorial or physical book that I've seen out there. It helped me speed up my learning process on how to code thank God. So I just wanted to throw out the suggestion. Thank you.Sreno
  2. Hi my name is sreno and I love w3schools.com. I am learning to code in all the markup and other languages in the curriculum. I was just wanting to suggest to the w3schools.com administration to possibly add C, C#, C++ and Java to w3Schools.com site for learning programming languages, even ada. I learn a lot better the way w3schools.com is set up than any other online tutorial I have seen. Just a suggestion. Thank you..Sreno
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