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  1. Hi!I want to do something like thissetTimeout('<%session.removeAttribute("att");%>',20000)this things gives error.Alternatively, I defined a JavaScript function, and in that, did that session remove thing, likefunction removeAtt(){ <%session.removeAttribute("att");%>}setTimeout('removeAtt()',20000)In this case, attribute is removed without timeout.Even in the following case, alert appears at the given time, but remove statement executes without timeout interval.function removeAtt(){ <%session.removeAttribute("att");%>}setTimeout('removeAtt(),alert(\'This is alertt\')',20000)Any help!!!Thanks & Best Regards.Muhammad Asad Ullah
  2. Problem is the same i.e. Submitting HTTPS to frame.
  3. Hi! I have a page main.html, which has a frameset containing two frames. In one of the frames, there is an html page, which submits the page. The code may look alike-----MAIN.HTML--------------<html> <frameset border="1" cols="50%,50%"> <frame src="f1.html" name="frame1"/> <frame src="f2.html" name="frame2"/> </frameset></html>-------F1.HTML---------------<html> <head> </head> <body> <form name="myForm" action="https://www.some-link.com" method="post" target="_self"> <input type="hidden" name="EXTRA1" id="EXTRA1" value="EXTRA1" > <input type="hidden" name="EXTRA2" id="EXTRA2" value="EXTRA2" > <input type="hidden" name="EXTRA3" id="EXTRA3" value="EXTRA3" > <input type="hidden" name="EXTRA4" id="EXTRA4" value="EXTRA4" > </form> <script> myForm.submit(); </script> </body></html>Note that the action tag contains an HTTPS link which is using SSL3 or TLS1. When the page is submitted, instead of submitting to the same frame, another window opens, and in that the form is submitted. Setting the target to '_top' removes the frameset from MAIN.HTML and submits without opening the other window. But frameset removal is problem as f2.html is must required. Another point is that submitting to an HTTP page with target as _self works fine. Seems to be security issue of HTTPS. Is there any way to modify this behaviour?Thanks.AsadUllah.
  4. Hi!I'm developing an application in JSP. In one JSP, I do window.opn() and store its reference. Then i navigate to other pages. Doing so, i lose my reference to window.open() child. Is there any way the reference may be available throughout the application?One solution to this problem is that let i opened a window like window.open('','winName');Now if on any other jsp, I'll do the same thing again with the same name, a new window will be opened if previously opened window was closed. On the other hand, if the previously opened window is still open, i'll get the reference to that. Here the second case is ok, in which reference is obtained. But the first case, the opening of window in case the previous one was closed is unwanted, hence making this approach unwanted.Is there any better solution?Thanks.AsadUllah.
  5. For this reason I want to use the object reference myWin passing technique to the newly loaded document. So that the child reference may be available in it and it may use it.
  6. Hi!I'm working on a JSP based project. On myJsp1.jsp, I open a new window using window.open and store reference in a variable myWin likemyWin = window.open(.........);from here i submit the form to myJsp2.jsp.In this file, I want the reference myWin to close the opened window. What I'm doing while submitting form is:myWin = window.open(.............);document.onlinePayStatusSummary.action ="myJsp2.jsp?action=forwardOnlinePayRequest&childWindow=" +myWin;document.onlinePayStatusSummary.submit();I've read that this way JavaScript references can be passed in url.Now when I do getParameter in myJsp2.jsp asvar winRef = "<%=request.getParameter("childWindow").toString()%>";winRef.close();I get JavaScript error that this winRef do not support the close() property.Any help? Regards.AsadUllah.
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