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  1. Hello!So, I am working on a website and I find this cool slideshow script: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex14..._suppliment.htmI put it in the website and it all works fine on both Mozilla and Explorer and some other browsers but then it does not work on a MAC. So I have a few questions:1. I only am in the design stage and work with Dreamweaver, I opened the files from the index.html thats on the computer and it is not a website yet, could that be the problem?2. Is this whole thing cont compatible with mac in general?3. Does anyone know where I can find this type of a slideshow that IS compatible with a mac?I am almost sure it is the right place for this question, as most likely it is the javascript not working although it could be the CSS... Thank you in advance!
  2. Thank you, this helps! I will try it out now. Any idea about the text from the other website that I have linked?
  3. Hi!I know lightbox is not an html topic, but my question is, I believe, html related. Now, I know how to put the effect in my gallery, and I know how to group them so that when clicking on an image it opens and when clicking on the next button it shows the rest of the image "family". My question is this; how can I program the website in such a way that I will have one image to stand for say, apples, and when activated the viewer will be able to click next and go through 20 images that would not otherwise appear on the website?Example:(I am not trying to advertise, just this is the only way I can explain it)http://yivgeni-art.com/portfolio.html , lets say you click the paintings image, it goes to the gallery and when I click on the first image I can scroll through all of them without exiting the lightbox. Now, is there a way to enter the lightbox as soon as I click the paintings image without going to the gallery at all? Question 2;http://www.thedrakehotel.ca/ This website has a cool bit of white text at the bottom of the large image that fades and new text appears. It seems very simple, but me being a little dense html-ly I can't understand how to make it. The source of the site has this code for the text: <li style="display: list-item;"><span class="quote">"Big exuberant flavours are [Chef] Rose's signature... [Drake’s] kitchen is right on the mark..."</span> - <span class="source">Joanne Kates, The Globe and Mail</span></li> So, how would one reproduce such an effect? Thanks in advance!
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