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  1. Thanks Sunamena, have just had this page validated. There are errors with the div that contains the anchor, but there is no problem with the #freedom anchor that also sits within the div. Any other ideas? Or something I'm missing? I had this site built for me so I am not sharp enough to pick up any subtle errors.
  2. Any ideas why this anchor link (http://okarito.co.nz/kayak-trips/#guided)will work within the page but not from a different page within the site? For instance, if you are on the ' Kayak trips' page, the anchor works, but if you want to go to the anchor point from any other page within the site, it loads halfway down the FAQ section. I hope that makes sense. Many thanks in advance if you can help!
  3. I have just installed MAMP and am trying to set the root password...I am running MacOSX 10.4.When opening a new Terminal window (for 'msqladmin -u root status')I have the following:-bash: export: `/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin': not a valid identifierunknown-00-19-e3-da-34-ea:~ me$so when 'msqladmin -u root status' is typed I get this:-bash: msqladmin: command not foundunknown-00-19-e3-da-34-ea:~ me$Does anyone know what is wrong here?Your help will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Wow-wee you are so right! Thank you so much, that was a2 second fix that I thought would take me all day!
  5. Ah, good one, you're right. Links still don't want to work though....
  6. I wonder if someone knows of the problem I have.The images have just been added and now the links between pages don't seem to work.Is the answer to this glaringly obvious?this is the websiteMany thanks for any help you can give me!
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