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  1. SAC

    Image links positioning...

    Never mind... After some trial and errors I finally managed to solve the issue...
  2. SAC

    Image links positioning...

    Hi there! The link works for me, but it's possible you managed to click on it on an exact hour, (i.e. 9.00, 10.00, 11.00 and so on...). My host is having problems with some hardware at the moment which causes issues on exact hours... Annoying to say the least, but they're working on it... :)Anyway, here's the link again; http://www.simuscape.net/simutalk/index.php
  3. Hi all! I have a problem I can't figure out at all. In the image provided below, (you can also check http://www.simuscape...utalk/index.php), I have some imagelinks, (marked in red), located below the header and above the gold/beige background. But only the top of those imagelinks are visible, rather than being positioned in the middle of that dark background, approx. 17 px up from their current positioning. However, no matter how I try to change what's in the stylesheet, it also affects the Simuscape Index and Logout navigations, (marked in blue). What am I doing wrong and what do I need to do? Codes in stylesheet; /* Navigation--------------------- */ #menu { padding: 8px 0 0 1px; overflow: hidden;} #nav { padding: 0; margin: 0 auto; list-style-type: none; float: left; position: relative; left: 50%;} #nav li { float:left; position:relative; right:50%; } #nav a { display: block; width: 24px; height: 19px; margin: 0 0px 0 0px; Edit to add 1// Made another change in the stylesheet for each imagelink; Code from; .home { background: url("{T_IMAGESET_LANG_PATH}/home.png") 0 0 no-repeat; to; .home { background: url("{T_IMAGESET_LANG_PATH}/home.png") 0 -18px no-repeat; The result; The images were placed more accurate, but parts of the top is cut off and the hover images are in the wrong position... Edit to add 2// Okey, by reducing the transparent area between the home.png and the hover effect on the same .png, I have managade to allign them. The only actual problem at the moment is that these image links are cut off on the top... How to address this issue?
  4. SAC

    Developing a new site...

    Thank you for that info Deirdre's Dad! I'll certainly download it and have a check - first thing tomorrow... tonight I am like all exhausted for obvious reasons...
  5. SAC

    Developing a new site...

    Okey, did not know Firebug was a debugging tool. I just installed it because people told me to do so as it showed how the coding of a site was built up! But well, I'm going to try to put some effort into reading the tutorials - and no, I'm not trying to sound totally bored! Honestly, I will!
  6. SAC

    Developing a new site...

    Well, I actually read some of the .css documentations available, and the "Try-Out-For-Yourself" things on the main page are also quite helpful... I think that understanding how to put a code together doesn't seem too difficult to be honest. It could very well be that the CMS service I'm using has a "difficult to understand" structure - even though it's supposed to be user friendly according to statements.What I've been doing is to use Firebug to inspect elements, as noted, and I've checked out codes - how they're supposed to look like - but I'm having difficulties finding out where in those .css-files to put them... It's too unclear to be frank!
  7. SAC

    Developing a new site...

    :)Yeah, that would be the ultimate thing of course, but since I'm not a company I lack the funds to hire people to do the work.
  8. SAC

    Developing a new site...

    Thank you both for your quick replies! It's appreciated! :)The thing is, I have probably come to the wrong place as I lack both time, interest, and any knowledge as far as web site development concerns. Yet I'm eager to get my site up and running as I have tons of custom grapics to offer my visitors. I have installed Firebug in order to inspect elements, but it's all greek to me as I have no idea where to look for the codes inside my .css files, let alone understanding them. I have achived smaller tasks though such as changing colors of the links, creating a header and place it on my site... But that's it! I can't seem to get any further...Does anyone know of a place where I can get assistant more based on my knowledge, and where I'm not required to learn doing it myself?
  9. After holding up for a while, I'm now in the process of developing my replacement site for Gothia, (long gone), my new Simuscape site at; www.simuscape.com. It's a fansite dedicated to 2D/2.5D graphics, namely "old" games such as Transport Tycoon, SimCity, Civilization, and the sort...While I do consider myself fairly good when it comes to graphics, (I draw all the graphics myself, whether it's website graphics, or game graphics), I'm a hopeless case, beyond any help, when it comes to more technical stuff such as codes and the sort. Having this in mind I've never even considered trying to develop a site from scratch, mainly because I want to attract visitors - and hopefully make them stay! So, what's left to do? Well, in my case I found and went to an open source system, allowing me to develop my site to my own likings. While I've made a decision about the color scheme I want to use, and produced images accordingly, I'm now trying to develop specific zones to the best of my abilities. And that's a quick one...On my main page there are three blocks or whatever it's called. Two sidepanels with internal links to different parts of the site, and in the middle section a News block. What I want to add above the News block is a rotating image showcasing different areas available at Simuscape - mainly as to attract visitors visually and promote the "game graphics" aspect of the site itself. An example of what I'm looking for is visalized on this page; http://www.gamus.com.br/. As you can see there's this game ad rotating screen just below the menues, showcasing different games. I'd like to implement a similar one on my site, right above the News block, showcasing images/screens of various parts at Simuscape, each of the image also clickable to take the visitor to that specific location promoted. With something like this in place I'm going to reduce the image sizes showing up in the News block, for the sake of making the site visually appealing. Apart from making the images/screens, which I do myself, how do I go about with the rest? How's the code supposed to look like, and I assume it's going into my global.css. Or?This next question may even be as stupid as possible, but how do I change the code to replace the text links in the upper menu, (Home, SimuTalk, Admin Zone - the latter only visible to me), with images, (buttons), instead? These buttons should have a mouse-over effect, and if being on the "Home" page, I want that specific button to be highlighted - just as if I had my mouse pointer at it!Do I even make any sense? Well, that's it for now... For a starter...Thanks in advance for any help given!
  10. Hi everyone! Just entered this site as I'm on my way to develop a fansite, initially listing my own custom graphics for games such as Transport Tyccon, SimCity... and so on...I'm a long termer when it comes to the Internet, and have been "online" for almost two deacades - I think... all this time known as SAC. I entered since I wanted to start drawing replacement graphics for games at that time, and while I was thinking of a suitable name I came up with Swedish Art Gothenburg. Too long though, so I used the initials, SAG, only to find it horrible... So the G became a C and ever since I'm simply SAC online. No more, no less... :)In the late 90's I wanted to have a site of my own for my custom graphics, and while I consider myself a fairly good pixel artist, I most certainly s**k at coding. Thankfully I found Frontpage, which helped me to at least get someting online, and I actually did miracle with that tool, getting e-mails from people about how surprised they were to find out that my site "Gothia" was built up using Frontpage! However, nothing reveals anything about these people's general knowledge or taste though... ;pWell, Gothia isn't no more as I now own the domain Simuscape.com, and I started this development for a little more than a year ago. Unfortunately, last spring my life partner since many years got cancer, and passed away September 10th 2009. Almost a year now to be frank, and it's awfully unreal to say the least. But I've taken upon myself to try to continue with my site to have something to do whilst finding out a new life...Anyways, glad to be here!Cheers everyone!/SAC
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