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  1. yeah..i checked my servers php files...its php.ini....so i changed php5.ini to php.ini....n now i get cgi error even when i try to view the site....forgt abt uploading!!!>....where is the problem...???...also whn i remove the file from my root directory i am able to view the site...!!
  2. so this is the content of the php5.ini file that i uploaded in the root directory of my folder... max_execution_time = 2000max_input_time = 2000post_max_size = 60Mupload_max_filesize = 30Mmemory_limit = 32M....is this all right...do i need to add a .htacess file too...or will this work fine??..
  3. ...earlier when i said it seems to b working....well turns out i was wrong....the problem is still ther..but the error is shown only on sum pc's...not all of them....ne ideas people????.
  4. thanks for the help....i used set_time_limit() in PHP to increase my script execution time....n now its working fine....
  5. ok so here is the problem...when sum ppl try to upload files on my website they complain of getting a cgi error.. The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers....i dunno wht this means....it was working perfectly fine for a while....n now its showing this error....ne syggestions?...
  6. function notAllowedExtension(){ $fnme = strtolower($_FILES['file']['name']); $backlist = array('php', 'php3', 'php4', 'phtml','exe'); $ext = substr(strrchr($fnme, '.'), 1); echo" <script type='text/javascript'> alert('Invalid file:executable files are not allowed!'); </script> ";return(in_array($ext, $backlist));}got it...thnx for da help nevayz...
  7. i have a question...i am allowing users to upload files on website but i want to restrict certain types of files....lyk i dont want any executable files....so how do i do that?...plz help..
  8. so I am trying to upload a file larger than I mb it shows me this error-Checking:Mysql server has gone away.... I checked the max_allowed_packet on my servers settings and it is limited to 1Mb....so my question is how do i change it???....i am using a free server to host my website....all the solutions i got were related to changing on a test server using -msql --max_allowed_packet....something like that....please help...
  9. yeah, sorry about that. I initially thought that something was wrong with my php script..
  10. Ok, so i checked my servers max_allowed_packet is set to 1 Mb....so there is the problem in the server that i am using...
  11. i edited my above code n addedmysql_query($fquery) or die(mysql_error());this is the error that i am getting-checking:Mysql server has gone away
  12. ok, so here is the problem....whenever i try to upload a file that is larger than say 700-800kb , the file doesnt upload...i checked my php.ini file n upload size is set to 20Mb...can anybody tell me the problem...here is my script if(!chkfilexists()) { $filename=$_FILES['file']['name']; $filetype=$_FILES['file']['type']; $filesize=$_FILES['file']['size']; echo"<script type='text/javascript'>alert($filesize)</script>"; $filetemp=$_FILES['file']['tmp_name']; $fsub=$_POST["file_sub"]; $filecat=$_POST['file_category']; if($_POST['exist_group']==null) { $fgroup=$_POST["new_group"]; } else { $fgroup=$_POST["exist_group"]; } $fp=fopen($filetemp,'rb'); $user_id=$_SESSION['username']; $content=fread($fp,filesize("$filetemp")); $encoded = chunk_split(base64_encode($content)); fclose($fp);$fquery="INSERT INTO assign_files(user_id,file_name,file_type,file_size,file_content,file_group,file_subject,file_category)VALUES('$user_id','$filename','$filetype','$filesize','$encoded','$fgroup','$fsub','$filecat')";mysql_query($fquery);
  13. Hey,thank you so much.There was a problem in upload,the file wasn't getting stored....You were right! Only the tmp name was getting stored.Really appreciate all the help....
  14. its medium blob....i simply cannot understand wht m doin wrong here!..
  15. file 116365 ->this is the fsizeapplication/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text --> this is the ftype14 --> this is the strlen($fcontent)file 218247 ->this is the fsizeimage/jpeg -> type14 ->strlen($fcontent)there is something wrong with $fcontent....ryt???...
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