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    XHTML or CSS?

    Ok thanks everyone for the advice. I decided I should go with XHTML and then CSS.
  2. Ok thanks I'm still a noob to HTML and I don't know CSS yet but I guess I will have to learn it to fix these errors.
  3. I was using the W3C web page validator and I keep getting 25 errors everytime. I don't know how to fix the code so if someone can help it would be greatly appreciated. I'm still a noob at HTML so don't make fun of me if its really obvious.<code><!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC"-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN""http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd"><html><head><meta name="description" content="Your source for game reviews on the Online Games and PS2 games!"><meta name="keywords" content="online, games, ps2, reviews"><title>Crimson Website</title></head><body bgcolor="black" link="red"> <font color="white"><center><h1>Crimson Website</h1></center><center><image src="logo.jpg"></center><font="red"><b><marquee>http://www.crimsonwebsite.com/home.html</marquee></b></font><!--Navagation Bar--><table border="1" width="100%"><background color="black"><tr><td><a href="http://www.crimsonwebsite.com/home.html">Home</a></td><td><a href="http://www.crimsonwebsite.com/gamesreviews.html">Games Reviews</a></td><td><a href="http://www.crimsonwebsite.com/contact.html">Contact</a></td></tr></table><!--Navagation Bar End--><hr><p><center>Welcome to my website. First off I made this website to let you knowwhat I think the best online games are as well as PS2 titles. So expect to find reviewsdone by me on the games I play. I hope this website has provided you with some usefullinformation. I hope you return often to check for updates.</center></p><br><center><b>News</b></center><hr><center>October 21, 2005</center><br><p>I made the "gamereviews", "onlinegames", "contact", and the "home" pages today. Also made thelogo for the website (just used paint). Nothing fancy but good enough for now just to get some content on the site. Plan on adding a little graphics later on when I get some game reviews done. Keep checking back for updates.</p><center>October 20, 2005</center><br><p><center>Getting the "home" page setup. Goal is to have homepage done by October 21, 2005.</center></p><hr><center>©2005 Cody Murga<!--Home Page is Done Add Logo Later--></font></body></html></code>
  4. codyhp

    starting out

    I'm the same age you are and I know HTML. But like the two guys above me said use Notepad. That is the only way you will ever learn. Never use programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver unless you don't want to learn anything.
  5. codyhp

    XHTML or CSS?

    Hello everyone I was wondering what I should learn next XHTML or CSS? I know quite a bit about HTML and will continue to study it as I go. Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. codyhp


    I'd say if you want to get done fast with no complications then use Dreamweaver but if you want to learn HTML then use Notepad or Simletext.
  7. codyhp

    Forms Problem

    Ok never mind I'll just use tables....it's much easier to use anyway than frames.
  8. codyhp

    Forms Problem

    I'm a noob at HTML and I have a slight problem with frames. I want two frames one set at 10% and the other 90%. I get the text that I entered on the 10% side of the frame but no text on the 90% side. I'm trying to make a navagation bar for my site so if you have any other recommendations on how I can make a navagation bar please let me know.
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