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    Ajax using PHP Script

    vf,It should be something like this:$cid = $_GET['cid'];$sqlconnect=<your sql connect string>;sql="SELECT * FROM CUSTOMERS WHERE CUSTOMERID=$cid";proc=($sqlconnect, $sql);echo "<table>";while(odbc_fetch_row($proc)){ echo "<tr><td><b>".odbc_result($proc,"name")."</b></td>"; echo "<td>".odbc_result($proc,"value")."</td></tr>";}echo "</table>";obviously it will be a little different depending on what you're pulling from the database. as usual, read the php tutorial for specifics on how to pull data from a database.~ MiJa
  2. MiJaMu

    Ajax addition

    btw, i am not asking for cascading select boxes where the first selection determines the second drop-down, etc. there are plenty of web tutorials for that. i want to know how to have two input boxes with an onchange event where each displays different data on the same page. example:enter zip: [_____]<div shows city, state>enter customer number: [______]<div shows customer data>thanks,~ MiJa
  3. MiJaMu

    Ajax addition

    I really like the many tutorials. w3schools is my first stop on just about every web development topic. I have 1 suggestion for the ajax tutorial, though. Although i think i understand what has been presented, the 4 part tutorial doesn't jumpstart my ajax development like some of the other topics do.I am having trouble applying the ajax database example in a real-world environment. Particularly, I cannot adapt the sample code into a page where i need two dynamic input fields in a form. the onchange events are conflicting with each other and the second <div> element gets the final data.can you add another example to the tutorial showing how to put two (or more) dynamic elements in a document?thanks,~ MiJa
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