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  1. rossp

    GMT Time

    I want to echo out the GMT or Zulu Timezone how can this be coded?
  2. rossp

    $_Session Variables

    oh thats probably my issue! What could I do though if I wanted to make a ul that users could only see certain parts if they are logged in? Would it be possible to change them out or make a new class and how would you do that?
  3. rossp

    $_Session Variables

    OK new issue now but I didn't want to make a new topic...I get this error: Fatal error: Class 'Auth' not found in /home/a3591098/public_html/index.php on line 56....Here is my code for this section of my script...<ul class="tabbed"> <?php if(!Auth::LoggedIn()) { // Show these if they haven't logged in yet ?> <li class="current-tab"><a href="login.html">Login</a></li> <?php } else { // Show these items only if they are logged in ?> <li><a href="logout.php">Logut</a></li>
  4. rossp

    $_Session Variables

    I used to know the code for this but i havent done PHP in months!If I want to display the username the person used to sign in how can you say "Welcome 'USER'!"If its not clear let me know. I'm pretty sure you would echo it and use a variable but I don't know how to write it out... ThanksRoss
  5. Sorry Im new to this, what are you trying to say?
  6. It keeps coming back as "User Doesnt exsist!"<?phpsession_start();$username = $_POST['username'];$password = $_POST['password'];if ($username&&$password){$connect = mysql_connect("mysql17.000webhost.com", "a3591098_login", "*****") or die("Could not connect!");mysql_select_db("a3591098_login") or die ("Could not find Database!");$query = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM login WHERE username='$username'"); if ($numrows!=0){ while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($query)) { $dbusername = $row['username']; $dbpassword = $row['password'];} // check to see if they match! if ($username==$dbusername&
  7. rossp

    Math Template

    Im starting to add new elements to my site with some simple js and stuff like that! Let me know what you think!Visit My Website
  8. rossp

    Drawing Space

    I am making a simple site and I would like a script or link to a tutorial on how to make a simple place for the user to have a space to draw to follow along. The space only needs to draw in black and have a clear button so they can clear the drawing board.Thanks! Ross
  9. Hi again!Im back with a new CSS Template I made tonight and have started to add more and more skills into my sites as far as design goes. I am still preatty new to this but have made improvements since my last template.Visit My WebsitePlease give me you opinions!Ross
  10. I am noticing that in IE8 my header doesnt appear but in Chrome it does?!
  11. Still looks different as far as the file goes between IE and GC
  12. Okay so some IE users have the ul or navigation go off the edge to the left while in Chrome it looks okay. Is there a way to make it so it looks the same in all browsers
  13. updated the nav bar also do you guys have a css code that will make the ul li elements have a margin of 0 or for example as you will see in the update, have the background of the ul be inline with the sidebar background?
  14. No they do that once so yea. But i am making this my site for people to see my newest work btw im 14 so give me a break lol
  15. No they do that once so yea. But i am making this my site for people to see my newest work btw im 14 so give me a break lol
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