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  1. Oops, can someone move this to the PHP forum. O.oLet me see if I can explain this right. I want to know if there is a way to switch between two completely different templates. Like, say I have one template that has a vertical menu on the left and a drop down menu at the top. Then, I have a template that has a vertical menu on each side. I thought about having a div for content on one page and then using PHP includes to call in the the templates, but I don't know how to make it so users can choose between the one they see.
  2. I've set two different classes for my links. It works in Chrome and IE, but not Firefox.The css is: a.one:link,a:visited{display:inline-block;font-weight:bold;color:#FFFFFF;background-color:#787A00;width:105px;vertical-align: center;text-align:center;padding:4px;text-decoration:none;border-left:5px solid #4B4B38;}a.one:hover,a:active{background-color:#4B4B38;border-left:5px solid #787A00;}a.two:link,a:visited{display:inline-block;font-weight:bold;color:#FFFFFF;background-color:#787A00;width:116px;text-align:center;padding:0px;text-decoration:none;border-left:5px solid #5C5E00;}a.two:hover,a:a
  3. Thanks, it worked. Though I feel stupid for not seeing that error.
  4. I tried adding a style switcher to my site and...well it does this to the layout: http://pokemondarkaura.netne.net/testpage.htmIt's supposed to look like this: http://pokemondarkaura.netne.net/Home.htmIs it the way the layout is set up? Or have I posted in the wrong section and it's a different error?
  5. Thanks, that layout has been driving me crazy for weeks. I'm finally done with it!
  6. Thanks! That's amazing! But there just one tiny thing. The menus are off by a little bit. Is there a way you can move them? I tried using margin-left and margin-right, but that didn't help.
  7. I re-did the CSS: http://pokemondarkaura.netne.net/testcssI also tested it with my shortest page and got this result: http://pokemondarkaura.netne.net/testpage.htmI only used position: absolute on the left and right menus because they would move with the content.The only problem is I can't get the the disclaimer in the actual spot for it. >.> I took out the code that I tried to use to do it because it didn't work.EDIT: I fixed it temporarily by using <br /> in the actual document, but it's kind of awkward having it like that.
  8. I want to add this image to the end of the body of my site: http://pokemondarkaura.netne.net/images/layoutbottom.pngHere's the site: http://pokemondarkaura.netne.net/testpage.htmHere's the CSS: http://pokemondarkaura.netne.net/layout.cssWhat I want is the image to be at the bottom of the site connected to the end of the body.
  9. I tried the #wrapper, but it doesn't do anything.EDIT:Just to be sure, do you guys see something like this: http://i54.tinypic.com/2e4w6qp.jpg Or does it look completely messed up?
  10. How exactly do you do the #wrapper?
  11. I've been making a new layout for my site, and I've finally got everything lined up, but it leaves this annoying bar beside the scroll bar. This is what it looks like: http://pokemondarkaura.netne.net/testpage.htm It's that blue bar beside the scroll bar. Here's the css: http://pokemondarkaura.netne.net/layout.css
  12. I found the problem. There was a stray piece of html in the coding. It works fine now.
  13. When ever I try to externally link my CSS to my HTML, it ignores the codes I set for the link colors. Instead of white, they turn blue and underlined.<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="default.css" />That is waht the code looks like when I insert it. I use 000webhost if that helps.
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