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  1. thats called ripping, and if i dont learn it now, when will i ever learn it?
  2. lol that didnt work it just the usual problem again, a white gap under the shortest div.
  3. kk well i tryed to do it :S but didnt do nothing, maybe i coded it wrong.#navleft{float: left;width: 178px;margin: 0;background-image:url(navbg.gif);background-repeat:repeat-y;height: 300px;padding: 5px;}.navigation{height: 100%;}/* you do not float the content it is like the container, it is what ever you dont use, you change the margin to lign it up */#content{margin-left: 188px;border-left: 0px solid black;background-image:url('conbg.gif');background-repeat: repeat-y;padding: 5px;height:300px;max-width: 36em;}.content{height: 100%;} and <div id="navleft"> <div class="navigation"> <p>Naviagtion bar left.</p><br> <p>Naviagtion bar left.</p><br> <p>Naviagtion bar left.</p><br> <p>Naviagtion bar left.</p><br> <p>Naviagtion bar left.</p><br> <p>Naviagtion bar left.</p><br> <p>Naviagtion bar left.</p> </div></div> <div id="content"> <div class="content"> <p>Content box</p><br> <p>Content box</p><br> <p>Content box</p><br> <p>Content box</p><br> <p>Content box</p><br> <p>Content box</p><br> <p>Content box</p><br> <p>Content box</p><br> <p>Content box</p><br> </div></div>
  4. lol ofc dan, thats why i wanted to do it in css :S its suppose to be better? in my opinion, html owns css
  5. sorry to be a b**ch and all but, i dont want a scrollbar on the content, just want it like my friends site http://drkhaven.com/anime,trigun .
  6. nothing happens dan :)and scott, i know about the ie one, and we trying to fix the FF and opera one ^^
  7. WOWOOWOWW wait , here is another problem, http://www.lhost.info/hh121/ have a look, the content text just avoids the width or w.e and jumps out of the table thing
  8. zomg you got skills dan love you! it worked, i finally done it o_o! i do like using CSS but its pretty hard in some places. but total easy in others. thanks for all your help
  9. even so, that is that div bg, but once that div is finished, there is still a white space, because the content is longer than the nav bar. its the same if the nav bar was longer than the content box.
  10. its suppose to be blue all the way down, and it only gone white because the content is larger than the navigation, it does the same with the content.maybe a background repeat? or somthing i dunno
  11. guess ill have to stick with tables/positioning :S seen as no one wants to help me
  12. yeah and how you do that dan :S, ffs i should just stick to tables
  13. adding a height? i tryed that last time, and it didnt work on the old layout. when the content goes down more than the navigation it happens with that too . http://www.lhost.info/hh121/
  14. ok, after making a basic column layout, i desided i wanted to add images, now i have added them all, they all look good, cept one part. the content. it doesnt follow the hole page down when either one of the columns is the longest. ill give you a pic of what i man, and the CSS.IMG:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v155/xlsasuke/line1.gifCSS: #container{width: 750px;margin: auto;margin-top: -8px;background-color:#FFFFFF;color:#000066;border: 0px solid #8da6ac;line-height: 130%;}#header{padding: .5em;height: 0;background-image:url('header.gif');border-bottom: 0px solid black;}#header div{position:relative;top: -10px;padding: 0;margin: 0;}#header2{height: 53px;background-image:url('header2.gif');}#navleft{float: left;width: 178px;margin: 0;background-image:url('navbg.gif');padding: 5px;}#content{margin-left: 187px;border-left: 1px solid black;background-image:url('conbg.gif');background-repeat: repeat-y;padding: 5px;max-width: 36em;}#footer{clear: both;margin: 0;padding: .5em;height: 0;color:#00FF00;background-image:url('footer.gif');border-top: 0px solid black;}#footer div{position:relative;top: -10px;margin: 0;padding: 0;}#navleft p { margin: 0 0 2px 0; }#content p { margin: 0 0 2px 0; } Edited to keep format.
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