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  1. Now I'm getting really lost. I never asked for a tutorial! I just asked for a page on the w3schools site and did my best to describe the "hole in the donut" as I perceived it. I'll try to be more clear in the future. best -- Jim
  2. Best not lick the battery however. Getting back to the subject, this is a suggestions forum. May I respectfully remind all viewers of my suggestion... This thread is very rich in knowledge, but the knowledge belongs in the tutorials, not here, yes? I think most of these constructs could be summarized on a single page and called "Javascript terminology" or something. Let's give other people besides me a fighting chance to understand these concepts.
  3. Thank you everybody. I think most of this discussion is about Javascript language constructs (true?). 1) I think I understand these in java script:objects operators putting a property on an objectputting a method on an objectsome properties are deprecated - in order to find current usage, see the reference pages?2) Here is what I would like to find examples for:statementsexpressions how a programmer creates an object independently (create a function?)So here is my second suggestion: How about a page that has examples of these constructs or whatever these notions are called en masse? Sometim
  4. OK, then you are saying the items I listed are objects, not statements, and already appear on the reference pages if I drill down. This helps. Just a minor point, I could not find the followingcounter.anythingdocument.layers.anythingBut thanks for the help. -- Jim
  5. This is regarding the reference page...http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/default.aspI suggest you put the word "statement" on this page somewhere. As a newbie, I don't know if statements are a part of JS or not, but in either case the topic should appear on the main reference page. After all this is a school, right? If you want to refer visitors to another page, that's great, but please say something. My understanding is that the following are statements, but it is impossible to tell from the reference pages...counter.number.valuedocument.writedocument.layers.cust.document.writewindow.alertwi
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