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  1. i thought about that but the only problem is i have it actionscripted and i tried makeing an gif version but it didn't look as nice as the actionscripted version well i guess i'll have to do something else then and thanks for the response
  2. well i am not sure rather to post here or in the flash section but anyways i'm fairly new to html codeing(not flash codeing) and i made a kool(or at least it hink so) snow type background but now i'm not sure how to get it as a background it is a .swf so i tried:<body background = "snow.swf">etcetc</body>i was wonding if some1 could please help me and thanks in advance
  3. i staerted out in flash and you get the hang of it after a while now i've become real good in it so thus i am now learning html and javascript so i would say it is easy
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