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  1. A little bit late, but maybe for some one else with the same issue.You used the ._alpha property. This is no longer supported in as3.0, use .alpha without the _ sign instead.
  2. Hi,Personally I would place it in a div, since the positioning of the flash object should be done in the .css file. For me it's also easier to keep the overview.What code are you using for displaying the .swf file? For me the code flash Cs4 is producing is to overdone. Gr,Bart
  3. brart

    As3.0 tutorials

    Well I created this thread cause I've always used w3schools to quickly look up some code in html and css. Now I'm a professional flash programmer, both in game and web environment. I know this site hasn't got many flash programmers, but is there any interest in a medium sized tutorial explaining the basics of creating an app for websites? Like a photo viewer or a dynamic menu.Maybe a few small things like:Creating a loader for your app.Creating a picture viewer.Basics of As3.0.Grts,Bart de Boer
  4. In As3.0 it's called x and y. So let's say you have a button on stage called button_left and a button called button_right, the code would be similar to this:button_left.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,moveLeft);button_right.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,moveRight);function moveLeft(event:MouseEvent){ movieclipyouwantedtomove.x += -3; // 3 is the speed of traveling}function moveRight(event:MouseEvent){ movieclipyouwantedtomove.x += 3; // 3 is the speed of traveling}
  5. brart

    CS5 vs CS3

    CS3 is very similar to CS5. All of the options in CS3 are also included in CS5. CS5 just got a few graphic and interface updates, like the bone tool etc.
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