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  1. hi ,I have a problem on reading a table in word document using XWPF.can any body tell how to read table in word document .i am using apache poi 3.8 beta 2.
  2. chanveil

    Gradient Question

    I have a gradient being used on a sidebar on a website, but I need to to somehow stretch the length of the page. Is it possible to create a larger image of the gradient and resize it to fit the size of the rest of the content?
  3. chanveil

    Stuborn div

    Hey there, using this code the div 'ts' shouldnt be just wide enough to accomodate the words? Like auto width or something.The thing is, no matter what I do, the div extentds itself @ 100% my screen's wideness.Where did I messed up this time?Thanks.
  4. Can someone point me in the right direction on where I would find a good tutorial (or any information at all) on how to do this? I know about parsing an XML file using SAX and DOM parsing, but what about parsing a data file to XML?
  5. Hi, I've a scenario wherein I've to convert multiple documents into a single pdf. A collection contains the respective xmls of the documents and I've to loop through them. in the loop, the obtained xml is converted to intermediate xsl-fo and then using fo processor; to a pdf file. I'm using byteArrayOutputStream for the final conversion. After the loop ends, I'm writing the output to response using the 'write' method of byteArrayOutputStream. Now the problem is that the output pdf contains only one document which was present last in the collection. Is there any way wherein all the documents ca
  6. I want to lock my java application for only one PC. How can i achieve this? can anyone help me? Thanks in advance..
  7. Hi friends Can any me suggets how to convert doc file into java using java?
  8. Hi,I am using 1. dbms_xmlgen.newContext to get the information from table.2. After that I am using dbms_lob.createtemporary3. Then I am using dbms_xmlgen.getXml4. Finally I am using dbms_xmlgen.closecontextI am using the above four steps to repatedly taking records from different tables.My requirement is : Each and every time I am getting the <?xml version = '1.0'?>.How to suppress <?xml version = '1.0'?> ?Regards
  9. Hi,Was trying to build XML-RPC client to connect to a business application having XML-RPC server which expects persistence connection for sending request to increase the performance.I have used xmlrpc-common-3.1.jar , xmlrpc-client-3.1.jar for building xml-rpc client.Below is the sample code for the same. In this code it creates a TCP/IP connection every time when 'xmlRpcClient.execute' is called. But I need to create a connection once and send request over that connection only.Your comments are welcome.
  10. I am trying to write a program that has spinners that cannot be edited by typing in them. I want them to be editable by the arrow buttons, but not by the user typing them in. Can anyone tell me how I might do this?
  11. HiI have opened one command prompt window usingProcess pr = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd.exe /c start");Now I want to write some text in this window.Can any one help me?thanks.
  12. hi,i have an xmltype column name "NM" in table "XMLTEST", the content of the xml in NM is<ct><sp id="ALEX"><sp id="JOHN"><sp id="MIKE"><sp id="CALEB"/><sp id="PAUL"/></sp></sp><sp id="MAX"><sp id="WAYNE"/></sp><sp id="MAX"/></sp></ct>The group i want to select is ALEX except group "MIKE" and "MAX", which return<ct><sp id="ALEX"><sp id="JOHN"/><sp id="SEAN"/></sp></ct>Is it possible? i'm processing this using stored procedure PL/SQL, my environment is 11g R2 Win 32bit.please a
  13. I have a very simple question:I get a XML file and want to store that data in my Oracle database in a normal table.I have seen so many answers everywhere, varying from LOBs and using xDB etc.What i don't understand is why it is so difficult.When i want to load a CSV file in a table I make a very small Control File CTL and from the command prompt / command line I run the SQL Loader.Control file:load datainfile 'import.csv'into table empfields terminated by "," optionally enclosed by '"'( empno, empname, sal, deptno )command:sqlldr user/password@SID control=loader_Control_File.ctlNext I connect
  14. Hello all:I am on a font manager project. One of the features is to install the new font file. My understanding by "install" is to copy the file to the system directory Windows/fonts (correct me if I am wrong in this part). When I tried to use the java copy file api to do so, not surprisingly I got the access denied exception.Now two questions:1. How can I do a "force-copy" of file into the system directory?2. If that's not proper way, how can I create a "shortcut" like a softlink of the file into the system directory?Thanks
  15. HiI have a regular expression "regex" and I have a text , now I want to know if some parts of this text matches the "regex" i have , and what is the result.for example:if I have a text " bla bla bla bla R 25 bla bla R 25/30 bla bla bla S 30/50/30 bla bla "and I have a regex "[RS] (\\d+|\\d+/\\d+|\\d+/\\d+/\d+)" which will match the bold data ...now , I want a code that returns for me the bold expressions.any help please?
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