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  1. try this codehttp://www.google.ca/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=site%3Abesidethetrail.ca+tea searches google.ca for the site besidethetrail.ca and for the word tea.then all you need to do is direct the results to the desired framenow if you want the results to look like they came from your site you need to do a bit more work.Go to Google, get a google accountsearch google for "search my site" or "custome search engine" and find the tool to customize a search box on your own web page using the google search engineGood LuckGuy
  2. Another way to do it is to surround left and right inside another div each with the colour and set the outer div height to 100% with the colour. example below not tested cuz I'm running around today.<div style="height:100% background-color: #eeeeee;"><div class="leftside">content goes here</div></div><div style="height:100% background-color: #cccccc;"><div class="rightside">content goes here</div></div> this way whether left or right is longer the background colour goes tot he bottom of each column. There is something I recall about this soluti
  3. but in the meantime you can just nest 2 divs. here is the basic...supply your own images<div style="background: #aaccff url('blue_gradient_background.jpg') top left; width:500px; height:500px;"><div style="background: url('facebook_icon.jpg') top left repeat-x; width:500px; height:500px;"><p>text goes here</p></div></div> Guy
  4. Look very nice. I like the background and uncluttered look. This is a professional looking website which is the image you want to portray. I like the fact that all pages seem to validate ok. The only negative I can think of is the cont6act me page where the white boxes jump off the screen. Consider giving them a light grey background...or perhaps even a very very light orange to go with your theme.Guy
  5. the best way to learn is to do it yourself. look at the article on padding on this website. Then click the TRY IT YOURSELF button and see how things work. Then you apply to your image and to your <H>.come back if you get stuck but try it first.Guy
  6. if all you want to do is send somebody to your new page after 3 seconds, you can use a meta tag in the header. Here is a sample form one of my sites<META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT="3; URL=http://besidethetrail.ca/directions.html"> Apparently this is not the best solution because it BREAKS the back button. But in the case of a permanent redirect I find it is a quick fix that allows you to say "adjust your bookmarks, we have moved."Guy
  7. Looking good. Two suggestionsavoid using copyrighted images. The IIT Exam cartoon has a big "C" in the middle of it indicating the author wanted to protect his work. Your list of LABELS is quite long and it make sit hard to see what you write about the most. Can you sort them by most frequent rather than alphabetical? IF I am looking for a topic like FISHING, I can SEARCH FISH so alpha is not "necessary". Do you have the option of using a tag cloud like representation?Guy
  8. good JobStay away from tables. UNLESS you really have tabular data like a chart, spreadsheet etc.Guy :-)
  9. I also suppose it is the text you are trying to align bottom and not the TD<td> <div style=" position:relative; bottom:20px;" ><a href="xxxxxxxxxxxx">xxxxxxxxxxxx</a></div></td> </tr> Guy
  10. If you FLOAT an element, it will float where it can. If there is not enough space BESIDE, it will fall below.If you want the two DIVs to sit beside each other with a scrollbar when the browser is narrower then you need to put them inside a container that has the required width. Cut and paste the example below<head><style type="text/css" />div.left{float: left;background: #fed;width: 500px;height: 100px;}div.right{float: left;background: #edf;width: 400px;height: 100px;}div.outer{width:920px;}body{overflow:auto;}</style></head> <body><div class="left">Her
  11. The purpose of backlinks is to generate traffic. You want to list people on your site and in exchange getting the link back to generate traffic back to your site. If your client does not want to abide by the rules then why do you want to give up your PR without getting any traffic back?If you try to HIDE stuff from Google, Google will eventually figure it out and penalize you for it.If your backlink policy is getting in the way, then change the policy.Guy
  12. The link at host-ed seems to be dead. Of the two pictures I actually like the orange header better. I"d like to see it in HTML for a better "feel". The Blue template is softer on the eye but also has no ZING . . . sort of a tradeoff.Guy
  13. If you are looking for the equivalent of a tool tip, have you looked into the TITLE attribute? See discussion on this website.
  14. I see that WEB OF TRUST gives you a poor rating. I suggest you find out why and remedy the situation.The yellow and green with rounded corners is a nice effect. The contrast is reasonable though not ideal for colour blindness.I like the large graphics to denote the areas of your website. Personally I would prefer not to see the square around the image on mouse over. It is obvious enough it will be a link without the highlighting.What goes in the big green rectangle at the top? I thought I saw a flicker of an image which then disappears to a solid green colour.From a point of view of retai
  15. hmmm.there is only one paragraph, the background is blue and it floats correctly in the 5 browsers I tested.Can you be more specific on the problem: Operating System Browser Specific object that is not workingGuy
  16. I had a closer look and this is what I seeMAIN is the centre and right and it is 720px floated rightwithin that you have main inner floated left at 490and right columns falling beside it at 220 this leaves you 10 px unused which creates (i think) a margin on the right of everythingThen you add left-columns which should FALL beside MAINit has a width of 220so when the browser is 940 or so it has no room and falls to the bottom.that seems like a lot of containersyou should be able to float everything leftand deliver content one column at a time form left to right with fewer containers......unle
  17. but we'd have to see the code that is NOT working to offer some advice.It seems u have a 3 column layout. Set outer containers for each and assign a % width to each. you can try something like 30-40-30 and see how that works out. You can run into problems if fixed elements like the input boxes or the image gallery do not appreciate shrinking containers.Guy
  18. If you are speaking of the large headings like BEVERAGES, they look well centred to me - using Google ChromeGuy
  19. Here is a development hint. Use background colour to highlight your test blocks - that way you do not add to their size with a border. when you remove borders, you will find your DIVS no longer fill the full width of the outer frame. Notice now that they extend past the bottom of the frame.Guy
  20. not necessarily. It depends how you attach the background...see discussion on this siteI have a background image on a liquid layout positioned roughly center. As the browser becomes smaller than the image, the edges get chopped off but the image does not scale down. If your image is INFORMATIONAL rather than DECORATION, put the important part near the centre (if positioned centre) then losing edges is not a big problem.In the event the browser is larger than the image, you need to have it degrade nicely into a suitable background colour . . .OR . . . make your image very large with a gradie
  21. You are right on REQUIREMENTS. However, it is supposedly easier on the browser if you specify the size of the image then the browser does not have to figure it out. This causes jumpiness when loading the page, rendering text and then discovering you need to make room for an image that is bigger than expected. Perhaps this was important when we were using slow 386 machines. Maybe today HELPING the browser is not as important. Guy :-)
  22. I'm not quote sure what you are trying to accomplish..i.e does the width of the table (DIV) matter? full screen width?you code first with no changes then basically a cut and paste without the table stuff. The DIV with the gray background needs a left margin equal to the width of the image PLUS the margin between table cells. Not knowing that, I just put in any old number.<table style="font:10pt Arial"><tr> <td style="vertical-align:middle"><img src="comment-icon.gif"></td> <td style="width:100%"><div style="padding:5px;background-color:#ccc;border-top:
  23. At first glance, it seems there is no reason for the page to be 1100 px wide. I would stick to a magic number of 1024 MINUS the width of an average browser frame and scrollbar. Someone will correct me but it seems that number is around 980. If you have bigger plans for the content, then carry on.I also wonder why the navigation bar is about 2.5 times wider than its biggest element. There is a lot of prime real estate not being used.Find a color contrast checking tool (google that). Purple on blue is not enough contrast difference on the menu. The white on green on hover is good.Not much
  24. I"m not into all that JS stuff but I do have an application for progress. Let's say I am taking a survey and it is on several screens - have you ever done one of those? At the start of each page, there is usually some sort of progress bar that says what percent complete you are. That is an application for STATIC pages.When I do a download, my browser keeps me informed of the percent progress. So If you are delivering something to me a few pieces at a time, do you know how close to finished you are? If you do, then you can dynamically change the progress indicator and refresh the page. My
  25. ok so just JD gets me 7 million hits. JD merchandise is a mere 2 million. Lots of competition there. SO maybe yes optimize your site for scotch whiskey or whisky shop. But you see it's not all about SEO...sure SEO helps but good content is better. So rather decide what it is that you want to write about and optimize for that.Guy
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