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  1. Excellent suggestion my man and someday I would take you up on that offer. I hope one of the elite grab hold of this shopping trolley idea and benefit the site. What they think is a laugh, many of us Newbies consternate about. Of coarse no reference teaching site can accommodate the least common denominator of learners, however further understanding is life’s quest, and worth the effort of a good teacher.
  2. Having spent 3 or 4 hours on your site I love it and would like to offer you my services as a newbie before I spoil the opportunity. I would like one of you illustrious leaders to be my individual teacher. I will learn all you can teach on this site with constant questions from me which should cause you to initiate understanding and guidance within the site. I do not think of myself as thick having completed various computer courses albeit mostly office applications. However if you should chose to take this mission then expect the unexpected, and you will need patience at times. My first suggestion is to advertise this site as the one html Bible and guidance tool you wouldn’t want to be without. A thousand questions waiting any taker, but I cannot wait long, I want to learn. Teach, My captain my captain.
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