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  1. Is it possible to grab - download picture from web site to db or as picture to desktop automatically ?like that:go to www.pictureA.comgrab picture (copy or ...)paste or save picture in field or desktop .... quit, close routine. Zagino
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    HTML to Text

    Is it any possibility to clean Html grab - download page from web to normal or rich text? Means when I download the page I like to have only text which is on web page not all html commands and other things which is part of html, only real text or only what you relay can see on web page ?? I’m not familiar with html and this data I need for put some info in my db as active subject.DB is done in FileMaker Pro 7 and with shall script I grab web page directly to one field in db. How to clean not necessary things in (html tags, commands and other html parts ???) Ino
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