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    SQL Database

    OK, so would something like this work? I am a novice, so I need to have examples. <a href="index.php?option=com_yourcomponent&record_id={id}">{title}</a>Thanks
  2. majcram

    SQL Database

    Will I have to do this for every element and record? Is there a way to write this so it is done automatically?
  3. majcram

    SQL Database

    Hello, I created an online submittable form. The user fills in the 20+ fields and submits the form. The data goes into an SQL databse I created. I also created an HTML table which displays 4 of the 20+ SQL databse fields in 4 columns I need a link within the data fields on 1 of the 4 columns that will open display all of the data for that particular id on a separate page I thought this would be fairly simple, and it probably is, but I am hitting a mental wall.
  4. Thank you for the kind welcome! My name is Mark. I am an apprentice web developer. I have much to learn and look forward to reading the posts on this site.
  5. It is basically an online application that the user fills in from the front end. Once the form is filled out I would like to give the user the ability to press a button to get a preview of his completed form. After he approves of the form he will them press the submit button, which I already have. I am using Zoo 2.2. They do not have a "Preview" element yet.Thanks
  6. Hello,I am new to this forum. I am fairly new to web development as well. I have a question about how to put a preview form feature in a form created using Zoo. I have made several attempts at customizing their code, but to no avail. Can someone please help?
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