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  1. Thanks real_illusions, scott100, I know some basic functions on using Photoshop, such as “adjust colour”, “adjust Brightness and Contract”, and “save pictures for web”, it could help me to enhance pictures in certain level of degrees.If you could have a look on the links below: The surface of the pictures looks like a mirror, it seems there is a way to increase the pictures 's Resolution, I guess? I wonder if there is a function in Photoshop could do that……. The picture shows a gentleman and lady on the right top of the page(m3.jpg), where was come from a free Website Template site: http://www.templatesbox.com/templates/266.htmMany thanks for the tips.
  2. How could I enhance a web pictures? I have seen so many pictures on some websites.They looks fantastic, it seems they polished the pictures so the pictures looks like a mirror. Thanks
  3. Hi, I put following code before <html> to test cookies:<%dim numvisitsresponse.cookies("NumVisits").Expires=date +365numvisits=request.cookies("NumVists")Response.Write("This is a test on initial times of Visits:" &numvisits)If numvisits=" " then response.cookies("NumVisits")=1 response.write("Welcome! This is your first time to visite this page") else response.cookies("NumVists") = numvisits +1 Response.Write("Welcome! you have visited this") response.write("Web page" &numvisits) If numvisits = 1 then response.write("time before!") else response.write("times before!") end Ifend If%><html>.....but webpage could not display anything. It appears as empty blank. My Asp was successfully install and function well.Does that means my browsers does not support Cookies? What happen if the browser do not support Cookies?many thanks!
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