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  1. Wow, I knew there would be a simple answer to that. Thanks, it worked perfectly.
  2. I want to email a form that the user fills out to two different accounts with submitting the form once. I can't seem to do that, and it seems like such a simple problem. Here is my code: <form method="post" name="orderform" action="http://cgi.freedback.com/mail.pl"><input type=hidden name=to value="firstemailaddress@gmail.com"> I don't know how to add a second email address in there. I've tried adding a comma or a semi colon between them, but that doesn't work. If there is a way to do this, please tell me. Thanks.
  3. That is great, thank you. I was able to take the add on the little parts I needed to that form, and I think it looks really good now. I really appreciate your help.
  4. I am trying to make a simple order form to put on my site, but I don't need anything too fancy. I need some help on making a drop down menu, or preferably, a form that will let you know how much of a product the person wants. You just type in the number and it says the total at the bottom.Basically, all I have been trying to was get ideas from forms and scripts already made, but I haven't found anything that will work. Here is the link to the form so far. I've been able to get it to work with checkboxes, but haven't had luck with those text boxes. If anyone can give me a little help with this, I would really appreciate it. Click here for the orderform... so farHere is the script for it also:
  5. I want make a form that only accepts numbers, but I don't want a message to pop up saying not to press it once I type it or try to submit it. I just want the form to remain empty when I try to type in anything other than a number. Could someone please help me on this?
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