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  1. #div-1a { float:left; width:190px;}#div-1b { float:left; width:190px;}#div-1c { clear:both; this is what that looks like http://goo.gl/jeNpOthis is the way I want it with the shorter red div (div 1a) not positioned at the top but at the bottom http://goo.gl/WJizhI've tried fiddling around with absolute position but It just isn't happening.I'm 10% probably doing something wrong
  2. I'm making a header and on the left the div is taller (121px) on the right the div is shorter (height varies)When I float the divs left and right they work fine beside each other.However; the second shorter div goes to the TOP right I'd be looking for it to go to the bottom right.To be clear I don't mean the bottom of the page, I mean the bottom of the div both floated divs are contained in.Here's a VERY clear example of what I have compared to what I want. Although in this example the elft div is the short one .. same idea applies thoughPay Attention to div-1a ( the red div ) WHAT I CURRENTLY HAVE / THE WAY FLOATS SEEM TO WORK BY DEFAULT -> http://goo.gl/jeNpOTHE WAY I WOULD WANT IT WITH THE FLOAT GOING TO THE BOTTOM AS OPPOSED TO THE TOP http://goo.gl/WJizhI'd prefer to do this without tables to avoid the extra mark upand without using padding or margin to push the div down as the shorter div may very in heightThanks for any advice!
  3. Thank you!hmm i'll lookinto that solid feeling, it might be ebcasue i have it lightening up towards the bottom of the header ...
  4. Silly Validation Quirks :)I really like it, it's got a fun light appeal and you're incident reports really make me want to read that text more than if it was just some text in a pargraph, Good JobIf i could change one thing it would be the slight separator in the content backgroundSince i can't describe this as well as a picture with an arrow here's a screenshot with an arrow pointing out the "separator" .... http://goo.gl/hvcK8 .... I think just get rid of itAnd secondly not a problem for me but your code and tools area might be a little difficult to read for some since your words take up the whole line and are practically touching ...
  5. @SynookYou're Right it isn't w3cschools! I swear my little dyslexic mind just saw the C there after being at W3C validator ... and ofcourse whenever I tried to find this forum i'd google w3c schools forum and get here! Which really just helped feed my error, I'm positive i'm not the only one! ... Correction Duly noted and will not happen again, I trust the people here way more than I trust some documentation online anyways. I saw your article about the W3Fools Site ... it is to bad that that site is so negative and as you said a foolish attack ... but I do like what they stand for in basic principals ... this stuff should be correct, and no one source unless perfect should dominate the scene .. of course that's not the way reality works but it's a nice idea ... ... and I love the amount of references for good sites they give for learning / referencing the HTML and CSS .. @FmdpaThere is no decision it is hands down, I keep my semi transparency ... like i said validation i know is not end all but where ever possible i like to keep t validated so that when I'm working i can just quickly run my site through the validator which helps be my second pair of eyes, catching if i missed closing a div and stuff like that, if it's junked up with errors it's useless ... ALSO some Clients actually DEMAND full validation so I like to know why something doesn't validate when it works perfectly well!This is a personal project and I don't specifically like making sure it works in IE as I believe that prolongs the agony of clients saying things like it needs to look perfect in IE 6 ... for my own projects I don't even test in IE I just hope it doesn't look terrible when it's my own project ... I personally wish everyone would go on "strike" and not take IE 6,7,8 into account ... maybe then the millioins of IE users would reduce a little or at minimum upgrade their version of IE as they realize that all the sites work just fine in any other browser ... but alas no ... so i'll leave that line there .. it should work for IE users... if not whatever .... but I would certainly not downgrade the quality of any of my work so that it "validates"I'm working on doing this with Jquery in hopes that that's better validation wise that way if any "needs to fully validate" clients start talking semi transparent divs I can know what to doSo how do I mark this as resolved?
  6. @chokk:) The onoff class had nothing to do with it ... just forgot to take that out ... oopswhat i was looking for was just more of straight line overall if you see http://goo.gl/rgIYx the "submit"/"!!!" is sitting lower than the whole line ... If i were to draw a straight line under the text it would go right through ... so ideally i'd liek it to move up a little so that it's more in a straight line with the text ... @Deirdre's Dad!Thank you you definitely set me in the right direction!In the end what i ddi was removed my line height, (and general height) and put a vertical-align:middle on the submit button style.I know that's totally not what you gave examples of but your little example had me fiddle my way to perfection so thank you!Now how do I mark this as resolved?
  7. tessarian

    Math Template

    I'm looking at it ... and it just doesn't look right, very very simple ... which is okay but it needs a little bit more structuring. You could probably do a better using something like google sites, or looking at templates online.Some Small SuggestionsYou might want to make that p with the text have a width also .. as the line of text is one long line and it might look better if it is the same width as the box below itYou also may want to make that list <ol> and unordered list <ul> so that the numbers do not show .. as when i chenge to a lesson the numbers 1. 2. appear on the left hand side than about 460px to the right is the actual stuff in the listGood Luck!
  8. Can someone explain this to me?Is there a better way anyone knows of?I know validation is not the end all and many many websites work fine despite numerous errors ... but still i try to make everything validate nicely, and I use W3C schools when I'm not sure what the 'cleanest' method is ...but if you look here at W3C schools recommendation for transparencyhttp://www.w3schools.com/Css/tryit.asp?fil...ss_transparencyand put the CSS into http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ it doesn't validatediv.transbox Parse Error opacity=60)div.transbox Property opacity doesn't exist in CSS level 2.1 but exists in : 0.6 0.6any input would be wonderful
  9. I just CANNOT make it line up nicely? valign align vertical align line height padding/margin top I'm getting stuck on something that should be simpleAny help please?I do not wish to use tables if at all possible ... for 2 reasons, one the extra amount of markup is incredible as I will be having about 50 of these on the one page ... and two it is much more difficult to get my PHP neatly in there and all my ids in there with all that extra mark up ...* for easy readability I've removed most the irrelevant PHP HTML and CSSHTML .form{font-family:Verdana, Arial;font-weight:700;line-height:30px;padding-left:5px;position:relative;top:0;z-index:2} **Here's the Link http://goo.gl/rgIYx
  10. I had the same problem, and there's alot of stuff online to look through, most of which didn't work, so i just made the div that is semi transparent close and than had the text in another block overtop of it ... of course this only works if you know the width of the area you want to be semi transparent and that you use z-index correctlyI"M POSITIVE THERE IS A BETTER WAY TO DO THIS ... I just can't figure out how .. but the below method worked for me, I'm sure you could apply relatively the same idea .form{font-family:Verdana, Arial;font-weight:700;line-height:30px;padding-left:5px;position:relative;top:0;z-index:2}.onoff{background:#fff;filter:alpha(opacity=60);float:left;height:30px;opacity:0.6;position:fixed;width:435px;z-index:1}<div class="onoff"></div><form action="" method="post" class="form">Stretched Background Image: <input type="radio" name="cityimageonoff" value="cityimageon">on<input type="radio" name="cityimageonoff" value="cityimageoff">off <input type="submit" value="!!!"></form> you can see the end result here http://goo.gl/rgIYx
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