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  1. hi folks, I would like to print some tags in the page.but the html is parsing them. how to avoid parsing for some tags.. i want to print as hi sp do u know <hr> tag.Thanks in advance.
  2. suryaprakash


    hi have u got it? read this.http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/J2EE/AJAX/
  3. hi u haven't copied loginAction properly. the problem is <form-bean name="LoginForm.do" type="myproject1.com.LoginForm"/>remove .do in the form bean tag
  4. hihave u tried this way1) include the startup.bat file of tomcat in autoexec.bat2) try to add it in shcduled tasksbye
  5. suryaprakash

    I need some help

    make sure JRE was installed or not
  6. Hi u can better find these answers in google , in the broad way1) Parse the date according u r date format and create a date object.better think of a calendar & make the field read only.2) i didn't get u? do u mean ssl, or <input type="password">3) use navigator object.4) i don't know. drop a message to me if u got it.5) give an id to the cell or row. and get reference and change the innerHTML ex document.getElementById("cellid").innerHTML="new text"thank you ...bye:-)
  7. Hi Anyone, Please can any one say how to write simple AJAX with JSP at server side. I want to return a JavaScript array from JSP .This array will be processes and it it will auto populate the text box like in google suggest.Thank you.bye,:-) surya prakash
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