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  1. working on a jsp page,there is a sql which gets a list of prerequisites.The RS is turned into a list of checkboxes which are like<input name="cb1" value="xxxxx" type="checkbox"><input name="cb2" value="xxxxx" type="checkbox"><input name="cb3" value="xxxxx" type="checkbox">usually I do my form validation with a simpleif (theform.txtName == "" ){ *prompt to fill in name textbox*}but how can I do a incrimental for the checkboxes?like turning this....if (theform.cb1.checked = false ){ *prompt to fill in checkbox*}if (theform.cb2.checked = false ){ *prompt to fill in checkbox*}if (theform.cb3.checked = false ){ *prompt to fill in checkbox*}into a dynamic loop which can just go thru all the checkboxes I have.
  2. As the topic says, anyone care to share their expriences of stopping sql injection, be it deliberate or otherwise.I ask this because, right now my form for a registration form has a field which allows the user to enter info about them selves and one of the things offten entered is quotes. both single and double...For example, they might enter something like [ Hi I'm into "fun" things. ] and the quotes mess up the sql.and I dont want to use html equivlent things like ' or " because its used in a java client server application as well, so it might come out weird.Any opinions? I know I need to catch and change them, but change them to what? hmm
  3. Its amazing what knowing the right keywords to google for can do for youanyway this site gives a long list, just to sharehttp://www.searchtools.com/tools/tools.html
  4. sorry but I dont understand you and i dont think that quite solves my issue.I'm using <xsl:tempate > and its matching the nodes in my xml,What I need to do, is when it reaches a specific node (which i check via a if ) it needs to go BACK to the previous node, and take a attribute. then go FORWARD to the next node, and take a attribute,
  5. lets say I got a list of notes, and I'm using template match to organise the data, then I need to do a prev, next for page, to go to the next product page.I know which node I'm in, but I need to somehow get the ID of the previous node...eg <inventory> <product> <prod_id>21</prod_id> <prod_name>peanut butter</prod_name> <prod_price>500</prod_price> </product> <product> <prod_id>453</prod_id> <prod_name>jelly jam</prod_name> <prod_price>200</prod_price> </product> <product> <prod_id>341</prod_id> <prod_name>mystery spread</prod_name> <prod_price>1337</prod_price> </product><inventory> right now using <xsl:template match="xxx"> to go thru them, and using position() gives me a index number, but is there a way to use that to jump around the nodes?
  6. my xml is sorted like this, <staffdirectory> <staffnames> <staffname> <id>123</id> <name>bob</name> </staffname> <staffname> <id>456</id> <name>joe</name> </staffname> </staffnames> <staffcategories> <staffcategorie> <code>1</code> <name>Management</name> </staffcategorie> <staffcategorie> <code>2</code> <name>Engineer</name> </staffcategorie> </staffcategories> <staffs> <staff> <id>123</id> <code>1</code> </staff> <staff> <id>456</id> <code>2</code> </staff> </staffs></staffdirectory> Trying to make a dropdown list where its likeManagementbobfredjaneDogbertEngineerjoeharryDillbertsomething like that.Also, is there a specify way of targeting a node? like selecting the staffname node which has ID = 123, and getting his name
  7. Bump again, see if anyone has more engines to recommend.
  8. Splurd

    Hiding A Table Row

    I re made the first post after discovering some things.
  9. Splurd

    <ol Type="a">

    The site I'm working on is kinda old, all the original coders have run away and frankly no one knows how it works anymore.Its full of bad practices and alot of hard coding, it does not have a doctype and the pages that do have a doc type are using the default one from dreamweaver. which is not a strict doctype. If fails validation badly.
  10. Splurd

    Hiding A Table Row

    I complete redid the thread <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" ><head><title>test</title><script type="text/javascript">function removeElement(x){ if (document.getElementById(x).style.display == "table-row"){ document.getElementById(x).style.display = "none"; }else{ document.getElementById(x).style.display = "table-row"; } //alert(document.getElementById(x).style.display);}</script></head><body><ol style="list-style-type: lower-alpha;"><form name="rcform"><table border =1> <tr > <td colspan="2"> <input type="button" onclick="removeElement('row2')" value="Do not display row2" /><br/> <input type="button" onclick="removeElement('row3')" value="Do not display row3" /> </td> </tr> <tr id="row1"><td> 1 </td> <td>row1 </td> </tr> <tr id="row2"> <td> 2 </td> <td> row2 </td> </tr> <tr id="row3"> <td> 3 </td> <td> row3 </td> </tr> <tr id="row4"> <td> 4 </td> <td> row4 </td> </tr> <tr id="row5"> <td> 5 </td> <td> row5 </td> </tr> </table></form></body></html> Using the HTML DOM displayI'm using style.display = none and style.display = table-rowIt works fine in firefox. However IE rejects the style.display = table-row. It says could not get the display property. Invalid argument.So what am I doing wrong, or is there a easier way of doing this?
  11. Yep, but its not a internal search. They want it to be internal, rather then being linked to google. Aye, thats is one of the options, but I'm searching for more. Pointy haired managers dont like paying for services. Yes you have helped :)Just need to find more of these search tools
  12. Splurd

    <ol Type="a">

    What I meant was, in my original post, I was listing out items, by hard coding them using tables and manually typing in a. b. c. It was not using <ol> Dont just look at the code and say that its not a list >_<I didnt use definition lists because they wanted it to be in a list format, with a. b. c. ectan uhhh, the site does fail validation miserably. But its complex and messy and will be "revamped" eventually. So I'm not really concerned with correct or wrong, as long as it displays properly in the browsers.
  13. lets just say due to the way the db is made its not feasible to do such a thing.Its most definitely not what they are looking for
  14. The site will be going thru a "revamp" so its not comfirmed yet, but as for the moment, most of the articles are stored in a database in html format.
  15. I've been tasked to evaluate what search engine to use, for internal searches of the site. And I've really got no idea how to go about doing this. (its like asking a car mechanic to design a formula 1 engine)Any one care to share their views and expereinces win internal website search engines, and what are the popular ones around?I know google offers a search application, along with another company called thunderstone. (found this article)But I dont know if that is what I'm looking for.wikipedia has a list of free search engines, but again I dont know if this is what I'm supposed to be looking for.So anyone with more experience can tell me, what exactly should I be researching.
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