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  1. Thank for the help, but the server.execute method does not work for me, unlike the include method the .execute starts an entire new file.Because of this the variables are not passed trough and the server.transfer method should be able to do this, but again unlike the includemethod the record sets are gone because it closes the the file that called the statement.Anyone else with a solution? =D
  2. Thanks, coulnd get it to work staight away, but ill look into it tonight.
  3. ok, still thanks for tying
  4. Thanks for the response, but i have tried this before but for some reason it does not reconize the asp code:The include file '<%=template_link%>' was not found.i have searched the web, tried multiple solutions, but none works
  5. Hi all, im a newby to asp and i cant seem to dynamicli include files, this is what i got:templatestr = "<!-- #include virtual=" & template_link & "-->"response.write templatestrthe problem is that it doesnt show anything, if i look on the page source it says:<!-- #include virtual=/site/design2/index_home.asp-->notice: the double quotes are missing but i dont know how to place the quotes there since it does not react to: 34;any help would be appreciated
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