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  1. Thx, That looks like what I'm looking for I'll give it a go later today. Thanks again it's much appreciated.
  2. Hi I'm trying to figure out how to position two tables on a single page. Basically I want one table a gap and then a second table underneath the first. Problem is if I try and have a second table it appear to the right of the first table and not underneath. I can't seem to find the trick to force the second table below the first.
  3. I feel such an idiot, a transparent image is exactly what I need. It's easy once someones told you how to do it! Thx for the help it's much appreciated. This is my fledgling site if your interested,My Webpagethanx again
  4. Hello, I'm a novice at HTML so chances are I'm not doing this the correct way. What I want to do is have an image on the page either flip from one image to another, or prefrably have an image appear where there was no image before when I hover over the link. I've added this to a link.<tr><td class="links"><a href="StartPage.html" onMouseOver="document.pic1.src='index/Earth.gif'" onMouseOut="document.pic1.src='index/health.gif">Health Stuff</a></td></tr>The image.....<td class="peek"><center><span ><img name="pic1"></SPAN> </c
  5. I'm an absolute novice to HTML & scripting so if this is a dumb question please bare with me.I've had a go at doing my first web page and have included a couple of small scripts to add the date automatically and flip a couple of images. ( simple cut 'n' paste I didn't write em, just found em)http://www.rigger.f2s.com/I've put my scripts in a seperate *.js file.Thing is every time I goto the page windows XP popup blocker triggers. I know that is supposed to detect scripts and nasties, but is there a way to have scripts do stuff on the site and not have it go off?
  6. Thanks Nick I'd almost given up on getting a reply.Having read a little, I'm not sure that it is the way I should go. PHP appears to be a content management language and as yet I don't really think I'm up to the task or it's quite what I want.This is my first attempt at a web page for myself, just a learning exercise more than anything. All I really wanted was to be able to do was flip a few images and add the time and date automatically. Java script will do much, much, more than I can take in at the moment. I really just wanted a way to not set off XP's popup blocker. Which just irritates me,
  7. Thx for the help.I've been thinking about having a little try at PHP for some time, even been out and bought a book this weekend! I'm pretty sure my web provider already has PHP & MySQL enabled.Would you be good enough to take a little look?http://www.freedom2surf.net/help/webhostingtechfaq.phpAlso PHP appears to be significantly more complex to set up. What would I need at my end? I've down loaded this free PHP editor. http://www.mpsoftware.dk/And it seems more than man enough for the job, in fact way above my head at this time.I assume if I start to use PHP then all the clever stuff happ
  8. Hello all, I'm new to this forum and an absolute novice at using HTML.I've added a tiny bit of java script to my html code to automatically add the date.Thing is now every time I access the page Windows XP popup blocker tell me it's detected a script within the page. I know thats what it is supposed to do! but is there a way to have automated date, time, etc. within a page without setting it off every time I visit the page?Oh I've put the scripts in a seperate *.js fileSorry can't type either, WinXP Blocks
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