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  1. It is very very easy. Just follow the instructions of paypal. They will send u the code and u add it to your web site. I have no notions of java script or php and managed it very well. Its up and working on my site (unfortunatly no one (besides myself) have tried it out yet!!) Paypalgo to Merchant tools
  2. Unfortunately this is no scam. It is downright mayor FRAUD. I used to receive several of these e-mails (and even phone calls... Especially from Angola) at my former job that had to do with foreign investments. I am not 100% sure how it works but the next step is to get a copy of your passport in order to "make the transaction". The transfer is somehow done in your name (but not to your bank account) and it’s a method used for "whitening money" (blanquear dinero). You OBVIOUSLY do not see a penny + can get into mayor problems.Anyhow, I agree with Jonas that the best thing to do with chain letters are to ERRASE THEM!!! also agree that the idea of tracking the e-mails is impossible and that the idea of AOL paying 5c / e-mail is absurd!
  3. Fantastic!! this one I WILL send on to all my friends !! Thank you RaphXephon (and to the rest of you too)Hasta la vista !
  4. Along the years I have received many of these: "Please send on , please help etc. mails" and I have always sent them along to all my friends thinking that maybe I was doing something good or at least not doing any harm by it.Yesterday I received an e-mail of "Please help Baby Natalie" (am attaching the picture with text). Curiosity got the best of me as I could not quite work out why AOL would pay 5cents per email and how they can track how many emails have gone around so I decided to look this up in internet and bumped into this : Break the chainMy question is: who is telling the truth? I imagine its "break the chain" (rather prefer it to be)and: would AOL pay five cents per e-mail for a good cause? (is there a way of tracking all e-mails sent in a chain letter ?Just curiosity really and also to let my friend know that in any case this baby Natalie is not dyeing of a brain tumour and that maybe it is not such a good idea to bombard your friends with chain letters after all !
  5. mmmm....have tried the Tidy UI but....or my web is too messy for this useful tool or there is something wrong somwhere along the line. My index page weighs now 80kb (instead of 53kb) and the Validator now gives me this message: Will leave the tidy version of LTS over night as I dont think anyone will notice just in case u want to take a peek !Nevertheless, thank you Little Goat & Jonas for the sugestion (and efforts at finding these links) which I am sure would work on any other web.Believe I will do whats most practical: start from scratch...
  6. Dear Justsomeguy: you r right, Word is not the best solution but taking into consideration that my field is not programming and facing the fact that it most probably will never be... (although I am enjoying all this very much) but lets be realistic here: if I have got to start learning HTML, pigs will fly before this web page starts working and 40% of my clients come from Internet... so.. I have to be practical. Same thing with Dreamweaver: I can afford the program but cannot afford the time it takes to learn how to use it! The iframes have set me back two month (plus all the month I have been waiting for it) and I cannot afford another mistake so... my options r:1. I stay with Word and try smartening it up a bit with Dynamic Drive - Document effects etc….2. Send me an e-mail to ltsmadrid@lts.com.es and let me know how much you (justsomeguy) or any other html expert would charge me in order to convert the word web page into HTML. (I hope this is allowed in the forum).And, should I receive no offers, no offence taken and I really do appreciate all your help with my company web and have enjoyed this forum (even if I have been called scary!! je je)
  7. ok, back from w.e..... & have news from my IT friend: he agrees with all of u that the iframes are blocking my webpobularity.. He has read your sugestions and what he sugests is:1. upload my word files again to the web site (the original format that I had in the first place)2. then he would "translate" my original Word into html adding a few "enginering elements" for the robot to detect (pls bare in mind that I am translating from spanish & am not too sure of what I am translating as I do not quite understand what all this means... 3.once the html works he would work with the code server and change it into PHP or ASP extc.... (not at all sure what this is)OK - now I have uploaded my original web again and its the one you can see now if you go to LTS AND I SAY.... HAVING 0 (cero) KNOWLEDGE IN HTML, JavaScipt, PHP.... is it not better to leave it just as it is?? I know its got 213 errors in the: Validator but, besides taking a bit of time to download (speacially if you have a slow conection), everyone seems to read it ok + THE SPIDERS etc find it easily ... What do u think ? ... By the way, does anyone know of a way of regaining all the popularity lost without having to wait for all the searchengines to refind LTS ... ? (if they ever do...). And another question: should I add meta keywords, descriptions, titles etc. on each page or only on the index one ? (maybe I am suposed to post a new post for this one...!)ps: my speacial thanks to skemcin, justsomeguy, boen_robot and aspentguy !
  8. wow...am realy impressed about all the help I am receiving (and not to say GRATEFUL). Afraid I will have to leave the porche and coctails for Monday as I am disconecting now and tomorrow am taking a day off + I need to digest all this new info I am receiving ! (who needs an IT friend when I have this forum ) .. just kidding but nice to have met both..Will give feedback etc. on Monday.have a good one
  9. GOODBY POPUPS!! Thank u for all your help. Have installed statcounter.com and I LOVE IT!! great info and NO POPUPS or anything else (at least for the moment)fingers crossed !!hasta la proxima xxx
  10. Hello Ben3001,thank u for the will try it right away.OFFTOPIC: ...hope my boss does not see this forum...
  11. Hello Skemcin:hmmmm afraid I forgot to mention that my html, javascript etc. .. skills r close to 0 skills however with the help of Stones Webwriter have managed to change the code that u sent me (THANK U!!)...but.... Or I have done something wrong or not sure what : the "sobre nosotros", "organizacion de vuelos" ect windows open up in a separate window and not inside my site (not sure if I am making much sense). yes, I agree with you. It is desasperating me to see how all my efforts have gone down the drain ! by the way: what is <h1> and <h2> ?
  12. Thank you Boen_robot !!can now tell my IT friend about this problem.... ...I´m afraid this is WAY out of my league.. (having no idea what but will make an effort to find out & if pos. learn it too !ps: Had already done the validation and was v. happy to find only 12 errors ! (I used to have over 100 .... ...ja,ja.. (but at least before it did get indexed....)
  13. Thank you Dan the Prof ...... snif .... I rather hoped it was the forms. I like the stats of Webstats4u (loads of info. on them). Told me for example that you guys are from .. US, UK, Netherlands & Bulgaria (although that info I can also get from your profiles!) + lots of other v usefull info for my cia.Anyhow: Does anyone know of a good web statistics with no popups please ?Have applied for an invitation code to Analytics from Google (been highly recomended to me) but am still sitting waiting for my code to arrive .... Is this normal?ps: highly enjoy your forum
  14. ltsmadrid

    Web Ranking

    And here is my second problem:I designed my web site first in Word HTML and afterwards had it put "on diet" by an IT friend of mine that has "translated it" into JavaScript . My IT friend added the iframes (I think thats what these scolling tools are called) as my original site did not have them. He said that this was the latest trend and that is why if you open the links : LTS and from there go to NUESTROS FAVORITOS you will open the travel links directly inside my web which I found v. nice !!Problem: before this strikt "diet" and the iframes my web could be found pretty easily in metacrawler, ixquick (googles, yahoo..) etc if you searched under: visados, reservas de hotel, LTS etc whilst now..... it only appears if you put the full name of the company : Logistic & Travel Services S.L. and it doesnt even appear at the top!!! I have added Meta Tags, Key words etc (which I did not have before) and have even opend an account with Adwords of Googles.....nothing works...!I have been told that this is due to the iframes and that the sistem (spiders or whatever) cannot index my site correctly. Is this true?? How can I solve this withouth changing my whole site. Realy would appreaciate help as I am currenlty loosing clients due to this.... ..... and any other advice, critic etc of my web r also more then wellcome.
  15. Good morning:I have a problem with my web site. (companies web site). I designed it in Word HTML and afterwards had it put "on diet" by an IT friend of mine that has "translated it" into JavaScript (not sure if I am phrasing this correctly as I am no computer expert....far from it). Anyhow, have a paid hosting with Telefonica Española (sp. telephone company) and have added two external "tools":1. Online forms by dw-FormGenerator 4.2.1 (http://www.dw-formgenerator.de)Opted for the paid version as I did not want to have my guests and clients bombard with odious ads.2. Webstats4u (http://www.webstats4u.com) Excellent statistics for traffic on your page. (this one is for free)And then there also is a page full of travel tip linksProblem: Every time someone visits my link, the main page and the travel tip page 2 pop-ups appear from “iLeads” . Not everyone receives them as it will depend in what country you are in (i.e. Argentina does not seem to be affected)….. I find this v strange..This is extremely annoying and I would like to know where they come from or what is creating this. I imagine it will have to be or the forms or the statistics… but : IS THERE A WAY OF FINDING OUT (without removing these “tools” or whatever they are called). (now that the webpage is in java I would not know how to remove anything. I can do v basic stuff with Stone´s WebWriter....The web site in question is: LTSAnd the other page is: Travel Tips(there is also a English version should anyone be interested beyond the popup issue... Thanks in advance to whomever can help me here! (ps: have another sort of problem but will post it in a separate Post in order to not create confusion)
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