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  1. Alright, thanks for the info. Much appreciated
  2. Pretty straight forward question I think... I'm redesigning my website buttons to use an image sprite. I can get them to display the normal image from the sprite, as well as the :hover image, but I'm having no luck finding a way to get the button to change appearance when you click on the button (not in the new page, but the actual "onclick"). Is this even possible with an image sprite and CSS or would I need to implement something else? I've found absolutely nothing on the internets related to this. Thanks!
  3. Okay,With the cell's position set to relative and the image's position set to absolute, with a z-index of -1, the image displays properly as a background in IE but not in Chrome or Firefox.In both Chrome and Firefox the image now is displayed behind the whole webpage, not just the cell it's supposed to be in. I have the top and left properties set to 0, and have tried messing around with changing the position elements of the cell and image, but no combination yields success in all browsers. :)Thanks for the reply, btw!
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to get an image to be used as a background in one of my table cells (you know, a nice rounded edge rectangle to make the text look nice) but I'm having a lot of problems.When I set the z-index to -1, from what I've read that should send the image behind everything else in the cell, but it doesn't unless I add the position:absolute feature. And I'm also trying to set the width property of the image so that it fills the entire width of the cell and then scales as the visitor resizes their browser.In Chrome the image appears to work fine with the properties z-index: -1, width: 100%, position:absolute, but in any other browser (Firefox, IE) the image doesn't load correctly. It will not be in the right place, will extend off the right of the webpage too far, or will not z-index properly and be above all the text.Any help? How can I just get the image to sit nicely in its cell in the background without causing any problems?
  5. Wow!Thank you so much, this works absolutely great and it actually makes sense :)It was great to get such a thorough reply, you sir are an excellent person.
  6. So I'm new the whole javascript scene and I'm in the process of trying to make the simplest slideshow. All I want it to do is display an image, wait a couple seconds, then show the next image. I don't even want any fade or anything!What I have right now: <script type="text/javascript">var slideshow=new Array();var i=0;slideshow[0]="<img src=\"basket60.jpg\">";slideshow[1]="<img src=\"golf60.jpg\">";slideshow[2]="<img src=\"football33.jpg\">";slideshow[3]="<img src=\"base60.jpg\">";while (i<4){ document.writeln(slideshow[i]); i++;}</script> When I test this in a browser it just displays one image after another. What I'm thinking (and this is where any help is appreciated) is I need to maybe put the "while" into a function. Then I'll have some sort of jQuery type thing execute the function and then maybe use the "hide" feature of jQuery before switching to the next picture? But I'm unsure on the syntax of any of that.Thanks in advance, I know this topic has been discussed extensively, but people on the forums said that a good way to improve your javascript skill is to build a slideshow from scratch, and I'm trying!
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