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  1. Thank you so much for explaining it! It's so much better than just giving me the code as I'll learn this way.Thanks Ingolme!
  2. Hello everyone,I'm new to XML but it's vital for a script I'm making.I'm trying to retrieve XML from a document with PHP and have managed up until now.The XML I've got is: <OpenSearchDescription> <opensearch:Query searchTerms="6479"/> <opensearch:totalResults>1</opensearch:totalResults> <movies> <movie> <name>I Am Legend</name> <images> <image type="poster" url="http://cf1.imgobject.com/posters/b7a/4bc91de5017a3c57fe00bb7a/i-am-legend-mid.jpg" size="mid" width="500" height="741" id="4bc91de5017a3c57fe00bb7a"/> <image ty
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