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  1. Thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to try that our first thing in the morning! My dev kit finally arrived, so at least now I'll be working with more than just notepad. -Luke
  2. I removed my primary key (which was set as a uniqueidentifier) and the insert works just fine. So I guess my question now is "how can I append a unique ID to each record during the insert process?"-Luke
  3. Error number: -2147217900INSERT INTO [maintenance] (datereceived,requesttakenby,priorityofissue,requestreceivedfrom) VALUES ('040404','four','mediumrare','4321') I have it display the submitted query after the error message, and that's what it spits out after I try to add a new record. As a side note, I can update records, just not add them. The ADO insert section on this site says this:"If the table contains a primary key, make sure to append a unique, non-Null value to the primary key field (if not, the provider may not append the record, or an error occurs) "I have a primary key field which
  4. WARNING... NEWBIE ALERT!!Ok, I've been teaching myself ASP, SQL and ADO, and I seem to have hit a dead end. I'm not able to get an answer anywhere for this, so hopefully I can get an answer here. I using an MSDE database with ONE table, and trying to insert/update records through an ASP page. The idea is that internet users can submit information for addition to the db. Well, while following along with the ADO section on W3Schools, I got the to ADO Add section, and customized the pages to suit my needs. I changed the code on the demo_add.asp page to display the error code, and it shows up as e
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