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  1. Thank you. The issue I discovered was that variables within the body text were undefined. I needed to add "Field" Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks viper_. I tried the $_REQUEST array and it works but it doesn't solve the issue. My fields are still returning blank. As for dumping the $_POST/$_REQUEST array, I'm not sure what you mean. I'm really pretty new to this so if you could elaborate that would help. I look forward to your reply.
  3. I've been working with php for a short time and picked this form up online to use for my contact page. When tested on my server, http://www.d1082919....h/contact2.html the text fields return all of the correct content (email, name, phone, etc.) to me in an email. When I put the site live, http://vitalhabitats.com/contact2.html the text fields all return blank. I still receive the email, but it looks like this: Email:Name:Phone Number:Comments:Newsletter: I cannot understand what the potential issue may be. I know the form works, just not on this server. My php file is attached for review. Any
  4. Hello. I have a jquery gallery that I downloaded from http://coffeescripter.com/code/ad-gallery/ Now that I have customized it, I need to link to specific images within the gallery from an external html file. The external html file will have a series of thumbnails. I'm new to this so I don't really know where to begin. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
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