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  1. ray mew


    Have just got a new web designing tool ( Coda). This is because with my old tool , i couldn't do anything really fancy with my images. I am quite good at html and the basic css , but when it comes to the complicated stuff , i do get a bit stuck(especially with the css). What i am after doing is trying out things like making my images rotate or fade into another one etc. I am okay with the html , but I'm getting confused as to where i add the css text on the style sheet. Also i would like to know if it works with any image or does it have to be a certain si
  2. Hi. This may of been asked a thousand times before , and so i apologize for asking it again , but i cannot find it on this forum. I am building a website and i have put some navigation buttons in as links to other pages. The only problem is , they appeal at the bottom or middle( depending on where text is) or top. I am trying to get them to run down the side from top to bottom. Does not matter what side , it can be left or right. Have tried several commands with no success , can someone please guide me in the right direction. Thank you. R
  3. ray mew


    Hi. I am trying to put some syntax together that will be repetitive and also update itself . This is gonna be for several things at once for example if i was to put several items of data into the script i would like it to update all of it. Also i have heard someone talking about recording data so he does not have to physically write the whole lot himself can anyone help with either of them. Thank you.
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