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  1. Hey All!I have a website for a virtual marketplace of home services. I currently have 160 paying subscriptions. When someone signs up, we require them to place a backlink to our website on theirs. The question I am getting from clients is that they wish to have a link straight to their listing. So I am wondering if there is a code that can have an image linked to their listing. like <a href="www.xyz.com"><img src="www.xyz.com/img.jpg">Check out my Listing! </a> but In the code I want a backlink that is not clickable to my website but that is also indexed and found by search engines. How would this be written correctly so that both links get indexed.So basically I need a clickable link, and a link that is hidden in the code but both will be seen by search engines .If you wish to have more info please feel free to ask!Thanks! :)And if you wish to see the virtual marketplace you can check it out at www.hse247.com
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