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  1. My resources are all the files i have on my computer that written by other people and some written by me.This script is actually simple.It get the data from given link. Looks for world 1, world 2 enz and then it strips the text after it to get the players in the world.
  2. <?php$contents = '';$handle = fopen("http://www.runescape.com/lang/en/aff/runescape/serverlist.ws?lores.x=1&plugin=0&order=WMLP","r"); if($handle){ while (!feof($handle)) { $contents .= fread($handle, 8192);} fclose($handle);}function WorldPlayers($world) { $start = strpos($GLOBALS['contents'], 'World '.$world.'<'); if($start == 0){ return 'N/A'; } $str1 = trim(substr($GLOBALS['contents'], $start+strlen($world)+21, 4)); if(Is_Numeric($str1)){ return $str1; } else { return $str1; }} $count = explode('">World ', $contents);for($i=1; $i<=count($count); $i++){ echo $i.'. '.WorldPlayers($i).'<BR>';}?> credits to whoever made this.Found it in my resources.
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    Back again after searching alot on the internet.I only found tuturials about about the session functions but i actually dont understand how to build up a session with cookies. Maybe some examples or a tuturial for building session security.Thanks in advance
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    Ok ty i will start with it tomorrow.If i have anymore questions about it ill let you guys know
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    What is the best way to secure some pages so they need a login to see them.Using cookies, sessions, the folder protecting of host itself or maybe someting else.Only 2 users account should be able to acces them so there arent alot of users.Thanx in advance
  6. Only thing i need to know is how to get the images, and then how to display only 16 per page...The rest i can write myself
  7. I need a script that displays smaller version of pictures out of a directory on the page and creates more pages where there are more then 16 images in there (so 16 images per page). There need to be an option to delete images by a delete this image link.How can i do this or where can i find examples
  8. Is it possible when you send a mail from your webpage that you can get a mail when the other person received the mail/readed the mail (like in outlook).And if its possible how to do it.Thanks in advance
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    shop cart

    i need some kind of shopcart system for my work.But my problems are where do i start.I never made such thing and appreciate if some1 can tell me a little about what i need for it.thanks in advance
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    Site Search

    You need to use a database then.
  11. NVM then.I cant explain it better
  12. if i dont use isset it gives an error
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